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Q: How old does a child have to be to swallow a pill medication?
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What is the best way to give Stratter to a 4 year old child since he cannot swallow the pill?

Buy a pill-crusher- it turns the pill into power, you can put it into water and the child can drink the water and the Stratter. Easy!

How do you get a 21 month old to swallow a pill?

Have you tried crushing the pill up and putting it in water? That would be my first approach.

Can you start to take the pill at 12 years old?

It depends on what pill it is and what your doctor says. Do not take any type of medication without doctor's approval.

Can azithromycin be given to a 4 year old?

No adult should give any child a medication that is not prescribed by a doctor for that child.

What can my12 month old eat?

well... i hav a cousin who is also 12 months old and my aunt like to feed her everything but it should be mashed up for the child to swallow it easily without choking on child must have some teeth by now so it is okay for you to feed your child anything you eat as long as it is soft enough for the child to swallow it down. hope this advice helped---:)

Is it harmful for a 2 year old child to swallow dawn dish soap?

It depends on how much but it will really cause him to throw up.

Your 3 year old child is drooling a lot and has a fever what could this mean?

Mabye the child is teething or just doesnt swallow offten. Dont be worried this is perfectly normal.

Besides medication ointment any other way to get rid of impetigo in a two year old?

Another way to get rid of impetigo in a two year old child, besides medication ointment, is through the use of antibiotics.

How old is Wave the Swallow?

18 years old.

What are some good questions to ask someone?

Whats your name... (if your talking to a child) How old are you... what is the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow... stuff like that :D

Do medication errors happen?

yes, sometimes but its not likely to happen but it could like the time my aunt had to take a 500 mg pill for my aunts bi polar and she got a diffrent kind of pill instead and she died now and she was only 18 years old.

Can pain pills kill a 3 week old pregnant person?

No. You can't just take any medication to end a pregnancy. You have to get the abortion pill combo from your doctor so you are safe.

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