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a hamster can become pregnant at 5 weeks old.

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How old is the longest living hamster in the world?

The oldest living hamster was a black bear hamster and it was 6 years old! We put vitamins in its water and we dont know if that helped but we think it did help.i actually had a hamster with me for seven yeas she had six babys when she was three .She was a teddy bear hamster i could not have asked for a better pet.

How much babys can a hamster have at once?

they can have up to 5-6 babies but it depends on the breed of the hamster

Is it ok to put a dad hamster with a new born baby hamster?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dad will eat the babys\

How small are guinea pig babys?

if you ever seen a hamster a baby guinea pig is about the size of a hamster.

When are you allowed to hold the hamster babys?

When they are older and when they start exploring.

Can you mate a gerbil and a hamster together?

yes. but the babys with look UGLY!!!!

How you know if your dwarf hamster is pregnant?

When her tummy is getting bigger and bigger. And about 18 to 21 days the babys will be born and do not touch a baby hamster when it's born or the mother hamster will eat the baby wait like 1 month before touching or holding the baby hamsters. And When your hamster has a baby give your hamster alot of food and ALOT of Water. Because she willl be super tried. After the babys are 1 month old start give them chop up smalll carrots and chop up hamster food. I hope this helps

How many babys can a teddy bear hamster have?

Well my teddy bear hamster had 5 babies so it should have about 5 to 10 babies.

How many babys do hamster have?

Hamsters usually have 5-10 babies per littler.

Should you help your hamster give birth?

get your pointer finger and your thumb and reach up its vaginal area until you feel the baby hamster . You cannot keep your mom hamster with its babys for a month

How old do baby hamsters have to be till you give them away?

it depends on the type of hamster you get. you should give baby hamsters away when they are two or three weeks depending n your type of hamster if it is a syran hamster you should give the babys away at two weeks other hamsters you can give it another week

How long after hamsters have babys can they have more?

if you get a boy hamster and a girl hamster and if they are mates they will have babies and after a few days try it again then you will have more babies hoped i helped

How old does a hamster get?

a hamster can get up two years old

How old should babys dwarf hamsters be to eat?

A baby dwarf can be feed with warm milk after birth. My advice is that you should let the mother feed the baby hamster as the hamster is blind & you can't touch. If it does not have a mother feed it fresh milk without touching it.

Can you touch a mom hamster when shes with her 5 day old newborn hamsters?

no because she will get frightened and eat or just kill her babys it happened to me so dont try hope this helped :)

How old is your hamster in Hamster age?

Well my hamster is 0ne year.

How do you make your hamster pregnant?

You need a male and a female hamster and if they love each other ( which is very likely) They will make babys! But dont breed them on your own talk with your parents about this and they can decide !

How old does a hamster have to be to mate?

2 to 3 month old depending what hamster it is

How do tell how old your hamster is?

you just tell the hamster how old it is so it will know

What to do when mommy hamster died after having babys?

give them milk out of a carton and use a medicene dropper to put it in the mouths

How long it takes for a hamster to have her babys?

it takes up to 16 days for syrian hamsters and longer for dwarf hamsters

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