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How old does a teenage mother have to be to get married in Tennessee?

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Find out legal age of consent. Please use Birth Control in the future.

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Can only a mother sign for her 17year old daughter to get married?

Can only a mother sign for her 17 year old daughter to get married?

Can a parent keep a teenage from getting married even if they are old enough?

no they can do nothing about it

How do you seduce a 55 year old married woman?

You don't - let her be she is married. answer how old are you- and what is she, your mother?

How old is the youngest teenage mother?

Technically, 13, the start of the teenage years. The youngest mother was 5. A Peruvian girl raped by her 75 year old uncle. She had a rare medical condition that made her start her period at age 3.

Can a 16 year old and a 24 year old get married in Tennessee with parents consent?

NO, that's way to old

I am 19 years old and had a baby is that considered a teenage mother?

yes, if you're nine TEEN and a mother of a child then you are a TEEN MOM

Can a married seventeen year old girl in Tennessee move out of parents home legally?

A married girl is considered emancipated.

Who is legally responsible for a married 16 year old in tennessee?

The 16yo is. When she got married she became emancipated. Her parents are no longer responsible for her.

How old do you have to be in Tennessee to get married with parental consent?

It depends where you are. In Scotland you can get married from the age of 16 without consent. In England you can get married from 16 with consent and from 18 without.

Can a 16 year old pregnant get married to a 18 year old in Tennessee?

The 16yo have to be accompanied by her parents when getting the license.

What did teenage girls do in the 1800s?

they were married off by the time they were 14 years old so they could raise families

Can a married 16 year old girl in Tennessee move out of parents home legally?

She is married and therfore not the responsibility of her parents anymore. Yes.

Juliets mother and the nurse agree that?

Juliet is old enough to be married

Should you report a mother who uses drugs with her teenage son and has a 4 year old?

Yes, she is putting her children in danger.

Can you get married at 17 to your 22 year old boyfriend in Tennessee without your parents consent?

Not in Tennessee, you need their permission. Once you turn 18 you can marry without consent.

Can a mother take her four month old and not tell the father and they are married?


Can a 16 year old mother date an 18 year old man?

yes she could . I see other people do it my mother was one of the them and now she is married to him.

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Can a married mother file for child support for a seventeen years old child?


Is Olivia o lovely married?

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Can a mother stop her 18 year old daughter from getting married in Michigan?

a mother can have her opinions about the marriage but there is no way you can stop it if she is 18

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Here Joseph was the mane of Jesus earthly father , and not his mother . The mothername was Mary.

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