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Anything made prior to 1898 is concidered an antique for BATF.

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What is the difference between something that is vintage and something that is antique?

Something that is antique is relly old, and vintage is something that is old but not to old, but maybe still in style.

What is worth more something old or antique?

Antique is worth more money.

How do you use the word antique in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.I bought an antique desk at the market.That clock is an antique.How old does something need to be in order to be an antique?

How old does something have to be to be antique?

An antique is considered at least 100 years old anything under a 100 is considered vintage

How can you produce antique furniture?

You can produce a reproduction of antique furniture, but the word antique implies that it is both original and old. There are many staining and painting techniques to make something look old.

How old does a motorcycle need to be before it is considered an antique?


How old glass bottles before classified antique?

100 years.

What is the abstract noun for antique?

The noun 'antique' is an abstract noun; a word for something that has special value because it is old, rare, beautiful, or unique. The noun 'antique' is a word for a concept.The abstract noun form for the adjective antique is antiqueness.

How old must something be to be considered antique?

the historical society categorises rugs as antique if they are at least 80 years old (pretty much everything else should be 100 yo)

What is something old beginning with a?

Try antique, ancient, aged, artifact, antiquated, age-old, antediluvian and archaic.

What is the difference between old and antique?

Old describes something of considerable age relative to others of its kind or other stated viewpoint. As a general rule of thumb antique describes something of age usually greater than 50 years and to be of a certain value. Value is discerned by its state of rarity, age, history and how well sought after it is within the current market among buyers. If something is old, but has little or no value, it is not of thought of as antique.

Which is worth more somthing old or somthing antique?

Antiques by definition ARE old.

How do you spell antique meaning old?

Antique. You spelled it right.

What is a synonym for old or antique that begins with f?

Fossil is a synonym of old and antique and begins with an F.

How old does jewelry have to be an antique?

Objects (in general) are said to be "antique" when they are over 100 years old.

How old does a car have to be before it is a classic?

it has to be old and to be a really good car in its day After 25 years, the MVD considers the car an antique.

How long does it take for a Lego set to become antique?

No Lego set will be antique for a while. They were only starting to become available in 1949; And an antique is at least 100 years old. And please do remember, just because something is vintage or antique never means that they are exclusively valuable because of that!

Is a 50 year old boat an antique?

No. To be "antique" an item must be at least 100 years old.

How old does a coin have to be an antique?

For a coin to be considered to be an "antique" it must be 100 years old or older just like any other antique. Though most coin collectors never will refer to a coin as antique.

Can gunsmiths make antique bullets?

No. An antique bullet is 100 years old. That is the meaning of "antique". But they can make modern bullets to fit and antique pistol.

Might it be a good idea to sell the old sideboard to an antique dealer?

If the sideboard is old but in good condition, it may be a good idea to contact an antique dealer. It might be worth something to a collector. You could also try listing it at auction houses.

Where can you buy an antique sword?

An antique sword can be found online at Antique Swords, Old Swords, Swords Antique Weapons, and Fredericks Antique Swords. They may also be available in your local classifieds.

What does it mean to dream in antique colors like an old picture or something like how some people dream in black and white?

It means that you actually had something like that in the past...

How do you know if something is antique or not?

First an item can't be considered an antique unless its at least 100 years old or older, then it depends on what exactly is the can know by the date if it has one, the texture, smell, and the print of the object.

Where could one purchase an Antique Persian rug?

A Persian rug is determined as an 'antique' if it was produced before 1930. With this in mind, the best places to purchase an antique Persian rug are stores that sell very old goods. Antique stores, auction houses, eBay, and Catalina Rug are some possible places to try.

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