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it depends on where you live, really. some states are 17, most are 18, and very few are 19 and 21. check your state laws.

it depends on what state you live in, I live in North Carolina and moved out the day I turned 16 and there was nothing my mom could do.

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Q: How old does the law state you can be to leave your house without your parents' consent?
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At age 16 can you leave your house without parents consent as long as you are back before curfew?

No, parents have full responsibility of you until you are 18 regardless of curfew. If you leave your house without a parents consent they can call the police to come get you. The only way you can leave the house without your parents consent is if you were to get emancipated, which in simple terms is the same thing as if you were to turn eighteen.

What age can you leave your parents house without consent in South Carolina?

In the state of South Carolina, you can legally leave your parents house without consent when you reach the age of majority. In South Carolina that is age 18.

In Queensland can a 14 year old leave home without parents consent?

no you can lwavw homw WITH PARENTS CONSENT at 16 but you must be 18 to leave home without parental consent.

Can you leave the house at 17 without consent from your parents in Tx?

No you may not leave at 17 in Texas. Until you are an adult, 18, you live where they say you live.

Can you leave your parents house at 15 with parental consent?

If you have parental consent, yes. That does not releive your parents of their responsibility to maintain the minor.

Can 17 year old leave house with parents consent?

Yes, they certainly can as long as they have consent. It does not relieve the parents of their responsibilities.

Can you leave the state without your parents consent at the age of 17?

no :) haha

What is the age to leave home without parents permission in Alabama?

Without parental consent, 19yo.

Can I Leave Home At The Age 17 In Delaware Without My Parents Consent?

Yes you can!

In Idaho Can a 17-year-old female leave home to live with her boyfriend without her parents' consent but with her boyfriend's parents' consent to move in with him?

No. There are only a few things that a child can do without parents' consent, and moving in with a boyfriend is not one of them.

Can a 17 year old female leave her parents house in Texas with getting in trouble by the police and without parents consent?

if u do that u can get in trouble cause ur not 18

Can a teen at 17 leave home without parents consent in New Hampshire?

No you have to be 18 for that.

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