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Her age is unknown, but I do know that Alex Trebek is 69 years old.

Jean Currivan Trebek was born on September 12 1963 and is 47 until 9-12-11

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Q: How old is Alex Trebek's wife?
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What is Alex Trebeks political affiliation?

He has stated in an interview with the Washingtonian that he is an independent.

Who is alex trebeks nephew?

His nephew is Named Timothy Todd LaFrance, He lives in the Northwest,and is a Cell Tower Climber.

What is alex trebek's wife's occupation?

His Wife Jean Currivan was a 26 year old real estate project manager back in 1990 when she was dating Alex Trebek

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Does Alex Trebek have children from his first marriage?

Not quite his first wife had a 6 year old daughter that Alex Trebek gave his name to and she is known as Nicola "Nicky" Trebek. He does have two children with his current wife Jean Currivan Trebek Mathew born 1990 and Emily born 1993

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