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How old is Amanda Bynes dad and mum?

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How old was Amanda Bynes when The Amanda Show premiered?

Amanda Bynes was thirteen when The Amanda Show premiered.

How old is Amanda Bynes?

Amanda Bynes is 31 years old (born April 3, 1986).

How old was Amanda Bynes when she did the Amanda show?

Amanda Bynes (born April 3, 1986) was 13 when she started The Amanda Show. When the show started, she was 13 years old and when it ended she was 16.

Is Amanda Bynes dead?

No, she is alive. Currently in 2013, she is 27 years old.

How old is amamda bynes?

Amanda bynes was born in April 3rd, 1886. She is 23 years old (2009). She was born is thousand Oaks, California, U.S.

How old is Cher Lloyd's mum and dad?

the dad is 42 and the mum is 34 years old.

How old is cheryl coles mum and dad?

They are dad 46 and mum is 45

Why did they discontinue the show What I Like About You?

Because Amanda Bynes had other things to do and they were all getting to old.

Was Amanda Bynes at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards?

No, Amanda Bynes did not go to the _Kids choice awards_ because she is now way too old to go. Amanda Bynes is also on drugs so the people who invited all the other stars did not let her go besides, Justin Bieber is the new hot Hollywood star. It was said that it was time to take out the old and put in the new.

How old is harry styles mum and dad?

his dad is 49 and his mom is 47

When will she's the man starring Amanda Bynes be on demand?

never its an old movie you can buy it though for $5 though on walmart.com

Why did Amanda Bynes quit the Amanda show?

She got a little old for the part of Amanda (16) and it might've been cancelled due to low ratings. I'm no expert on TV, but if you want more info Google search "why was The Amanda Show cancelled?" Oh, and she has dual role with Penelope and herself, Amanda. In case you didn't know, Penelope is a crazed fan(Bynes) who will go anything meet Amanda! This is what I know, but Wikipedia knows! Haha.

How old is Emma Wilson's mum and dad?

Emma's mom is about 40 and her Dad is 43.

How old are Simon cowells mum and dad?

Julie Cowell is 79. His dad I'm not sure.

How old is lady gags mum and dad?

lady gaga's mum is 56 years old not 35 that would make her 11 when she had lady gaga she is 56 for definite

How old is Tegan Moss?

Tegan Moss is 31 years old (birthdate: February 7, 1985).As of March 28, 2011, Amanda Bynes is 24. She will be turning 25 on April 3.

How old is Josh Bynes?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Josh Bynes is 24 years old.

Does Amanda Bynes have children?

noNoNo.No, she does not.Idk probably not maybe not but she does like to hang around men and I watch her show what I like. About you and she likes too Many boys and she is so pretty and I know she wouldn't have any kid inless she is a bad influence bet she's not a bad inflianceNo! Amanda Bynes is not a mom she is only 23 years old and doesn't have a boyfriend or is not married.No she does not.

How old was Charles goodnight?

he was same age as your dad 10 years older then your mum

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