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How old is Ashley Tisdale's boyfriend?

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Ashley is dating a dancer from the high school musical 2 tour

== == Ashley tisdales sister is Jennifer

Ashley tisdales parents are Lisa and mike tisdale.

Ashley tisdales hair dressers name is Paula Cooperman

Ashley Tisdales 2007 CD is called "headstrong"

Ashley Tisdale was exactly 16 years old when she started to act!!!

Ashley tisdales favourite food is sushi I SHOULD NO I AM PART OF HER FAMILY

Ashley tisdales CD 'guilty pleasure' comes out on June 16th

Ashley Michelle Tisdale

Ashley tisdales favorite sport is basketball because that is the only sport she can understand no offense AshleyA Lexus LS 460

Ashley Tisdale's birthday is July 2, 1985. She is currently 24 years old. 7/2

Ashley doesn't even have a brother!

Ashley Tisdale doesn't have a baby .

Ashley Tisdale has brown hair

Ashley tisdales birthday is July 2nd 1985

in images Ashley tisdale autograph

I don't think that Ashley Tisdale has a Skype account.

ashley tisdale has no kids although she has had a miscarriage

Ashley Tisdale's real name is Ashley Michelle Tisdale.

Ashley Tisdales dogs names are: White maltipoo: Blondie (New dog) Brown tea cup maltipoo: Maui

her nickname is pooh bear

The answer is you can speak to Ashley at her email address which is what everyone does her it

i don't live in Ohio but i am Ashley tisdales cousin

Not right now...They were dating,but they broke up 1 year before...Now,Ashley is dating with Scott Speer