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How old is Emily Rose?


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Emily Rose is 36 years old (birthdate February 2, 1981).


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A Rose for Emily was written by William Faulkner in 1930. In it, Emily was 74 years old when she died.

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In the title "A Rose for Emily", the Rose refers to the South.

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One of the Gothic elements in "A Rose for Emily" is the setting, a dilapidated old home. Emily's lifestyle also has Gothic elements since she is described as odd and lonely.

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In "A Rose for Emily" you are told that Emily Grierson was sick before her death. She may have died of old age, but it is more likely that the filth of the house as well as the amount of time spent around a rotting corpse could have led her to become sick.

The main theme from A Rose For Emily is death and tradition/change.

Emily Rose Everhard was born on April 10, 1996, in USA.

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