How old is Hinduism?

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Hinduism is the oldest known spiritual tradition in the world and there is evidence that it flourished long before recorded history in ancient India.

The ancient Vedic civilization practiced Hinduism in the Indus Valley over 6,000 years ago and it was already then an old established tradition.

There is plenty of Evidence that its origin goes back into pre-historic times.

Hinduism was developed 6,000 years ago but can be traced back to 5500-2600 BCE.

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How old is Hinduism about?

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world

How old is gujarati language?

Gujarati is as old as Hinduism.

Is judaism older than Hinduism?

No. Judaism is about 6000 years old and Hinduism is well over 10000 years old.

Who began the religion Hinduism?

Nobody. Hinduism is as old as India. It is observations on how the world and the universe work.

Where is Hinduism most practiced today?

Hinduism is an old religion based on the beliefs of karma and dharma. Hinduism is practiced through out India and is their dominant religion.

When did the Hinduism religion start?

Hinduism in very Ancient Religion, it is believed that Hinduism started more than a million years ago according to Hinduism scriptures. But recent studies show that Hinduism is atleast 10000 years old.

Who were the two important people of Hinduism?

Hinduism is a very old religion with many important people. The two most common names associated with Hinduism is Buddha and Krishna.

Why is Hinduism so unique compared to the other religions?

Hinduism is more than 10000 years old. Hinduism is blend of all the Religion that existed during that time.

Which group founded Hinduism?

The Aryans, but Hinduism is very old so other groups may have discovered it but were bot recognized

Hinduism the beginning why when who how?

Hinduism started when people began asking questions about the earth and the universe. Nobody known when it began but we do know that it is at least 12,000 years old. Hinduism has absolutely no founders.

Why do they have words in Hinduism?

Hinduism is very vast religion. It has belief of more than 10000 year old cultures. Real purpose of Hinduism is to pass on experience of their ancestors to new generations.

How old is Hindu?

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world.

How did Krishna start?

Hinduism is so old there is no record from its beginning.

How old is the religion of Hinduism?

Hinduism is not a religion. Its a way of life. The recorded way of life of Indians is available for at least 12000 years.

What is factual about Hinduism?

Hinduism is about believe & faith. Because it is more than 10000 years old facts Are very hard to find.

How old is the Hinduism religion?

It is as old as India (or humanity depending on how you wish to look at the phrasings of the words)

What year did Hindu origin?

actually Hinduism is very ancient Religion. More than 10000 years old. Some scholars also state that Hinduism is even more old than that.

Was Hinduism spread on the Indian Ocean through 600 bce to 600 ce?

No, Hinduism is quite more ancient than that. New researches prove that hinduism is at least 10000 years old. While popular belief states that it is more than a million year old.

How many followers did Hinduism have in the olden days?

In old days Hinduism use to have 90% of Asia's population. Roughly about 2 billion people.

When the Hinduism began?

Hinduism is believed to be beagn more than 1000 years ago. But According to Mythology it is more than a million year old.

How may old of Hindu religion?

Hinduism is very Ancient Religion, more than 10000 years ols. Some Mythology suggest that Hinduism is more than 1 million year old Religion.

How is Hinduism bad?

The only way that Hindusim can be bad is because of the fact that it is extremely old and it would be difficult to find out when it was created. otherwise Hinduism isn't bad.

What holy book did Hinduism rad?

People that practice Hinduism read holy books called Vedas, or the Vedic texts. These books are thousands of years old.

What is an example of reincarnation in Hinduism?

There are many examples in Hinduism about Reincarnation (punarjanma). But they are so old that they are hard to believe. A current examples is of a girl named jyoti in India.

Are Judaism and Christianity older than Hinduism?

Hinduism is over 3700 years old, so it is certainly older than Christianity, which is around 2000 years old. With Judaism is gets a little trickier. If Abraham is seen to be the founder of Judaism, then Judaism is 3800 years old and might be older than Hinduism. If anything else is seen as the founding of Judaism, such as Moses receiving the Law, the Davidic Kingship, the Babylonian Exile, etc., then Hinduism is undoubtedly older.

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