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How old is Katie Cassidy?

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Katie Cassidy is 31 years old (birthdate: November 25, 1986).

She is the daughter of the late David Cassidy.

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Is David Cassidy related to Katie Cassidy?

Katie Cassidy is the daughter of David Cassidy.

When was Katie Cassidy born?

Katie Cassidy was born on November 25, 1986.

What nicknames does Katie Cassidy go by?

Katie Cassidy goes by Bug, and K.

Are Katie cassidy and elaine cassidy related?

Katie and Elaine Cassidy are not related to one another. They were both of the television show, Harper's Island.

What is the birth name of Katie Cassidy?

Katie Cassidy's birth name is Katherine Evelyn Anita Cassidy.

Is Katie cassidy fired from supernatural?

Yes, Katie Cassidy was fired from Supernatural. The budget for the show was cut by the studio and Katie Cassidy and Laura Cohen were both fired because they couldn't afford them.

Are Katie Cassidy and Eva Cassidy related?

As far as I can tell, no, they are not related.

Is Katie cassidy single?

Rumor has it that Katie Cassidy is single again as of July of 2014. She was seen alone at the SupaNova Expo in June.

What year was Katie Cassidy born?


What does Katie cassidy do?

she is supposed to be an actress though she has no talent

Who played Zoe on 7TH Heaven?

Katie Cassidy

What is Katie Cassidy's birthday?

Katie Cassidy was born on November 25, 1986.November 26 1986

First love of Jesse McCartney?

Probably Katie Cassidy.

Why did Katie Cassidy leave supernatural?

although i miss her very much, when ruby went to hell in the season three finale , she left her now dead body , aka Katie cassidy , behind

How did Jesse McCartney meet Katie Cassidy?

Katie was Jesse's friend's Girlfriend and she also was the girl in She's no You video.

Who was the daughter on the movie Click?

Samantha Newman was played by Tatum McCann (5 yrs old), Lorraine Nicholson (14 yrs old) and Katie Cassidy (27 yrs old).

How much does Katie cassidy weigh?

She weighs around 125-130

When did Katie Cassidy first start acting?

Katie Cassidy started acting in the Lifetime TV drama series The Division in 2003. After this she landed roles in 7th Heaven, Harper's Island and Gossip Girl.

Who is Jesse McCartney's girlfirend?

He is currently single. He broke up with Katie Cassidy

Was bleeding love written about Katie Cassidy?


How long did Katie cassidy and Jesse McCartney go out?

Almost 3 years

Who are Jesse McCartney ex girlfriends?

he went out with Katie cassidy but they broke up.

Who plays Amanda in the movie taken?

Katie Cassidy played Amanda in Taken.

What rated is the new movie Monte Carlo?

leighton meester and Katie cassidy

Who is Jesse McCartney's ex girlfriend?

Katie cassidy. i think. he doent have a ex girlfriend. does he?