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How old is Kirk Cameron?

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Kirk Cameron is 44 years old. He was born October 12, 1970.

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How old was kirk Cameron when he believed in Jesus Christ as savior?

Kirk Cameron was 17 years old when he believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal sevior....

Is Dove Cameron related to kirk Cameron?

No, Dove Cameron and Kirk Cameron are not related.

What does the actor Kirk Cameron look like?

kirk Cameron

Who is married to kirk Cameron?

Kirk Cameron married to Chelsea Noble in 1991.

How old is Candace Cameron Bure?

Candace Cameron Bure is 41 years old (birthdate: April 6, 1976). She is the younger sister of Kirk Cameron.

What tv show was kirk Cameron on?

Kirk Cameron was Mike Seaver on Growing Pains.

Does candace Cameron have a brother?

yes, kirk Cameron

What is Kirk Cameron working on now?

Kirk Cameron is currently busy with his television series The Way Of The Master.

Who is Kirk Cameron's father?

Robert Cameron is Kirk Cameron's father.

What celebrities has converted?

Kirk Cameron

Is kirk Cameron a smoker?


What is Kirk Cameron's birthday?

Kirk Cameron was born on October 12, 1970.

Who is the wife of Kirk Cameron?

Chelsea Noble

Is Kirk Cameron a church of Christ Member?


Is Kirk Cameron still Alive?

He is alive.

What sitcom kirk Cameron play in?

growing pains

Which show starred Kirk Cameron?

Growing Pains

Who is kirk Cameron's sister?

candace Cameron is kirk Cameron's sister but he is older than her by 6 years

What tv show starred kirk Cameron?

Growing Pains

What denomination is Kirk Cameron?

Evangelical Born-Again Christian.

Will Kirk Cameron be in left behind 4?

I hope so!

What church does Kirk Cameron attend?

Kirk Cameron does not have one official home that he and his family attend full-time. He spends his time traveling around to different churches to spread the good word.

Did Kirk Cameron die today?

Kirk is still alive and well and working on his current television series The Way Of The Master.

Who plays in Fireproof?

Kirk Cameron as Caleb and Erin Betha as Catherine

What was the name of the tv show kirk Cameron played in?

Growing Pains