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"Lil' Romeo" is Romeo Miller - he is 28 years old (born Percy Miller Jr., August 19, 1989).

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Q: How old is Lil' Romeo?
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Li,i romeo is 24 years old ^^Correction^^-Lil romeo happens to be 20

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He is 21

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my baby romeo is 18

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how many album's does lil romeo has?

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He was born on August 19, 1989, so he's 20 years old, also, his name is Lil' Romeo.

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Romeo was 14 when he was in the movie Honey Romeo was 14 when he was in the movie Honey

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The play never states how old Romeo is, but he is commonly believed to be about the same age as Juliet, which is 14. *The rapper Romeo, formerly known as Lil' Romeo, was born August 19, 1989.

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Master P's son Lil Romeo is not dead.

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Yes as people say just go to lil romeo

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Lil' Romeo Lil' Romeo enjoyed a hit single at the age of 11.

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Lil romeo stopped cause he is a small man or he feals unsafe

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