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How old is Liz Ellis?

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Liz Ellis is 38 years old (birthdate: January 17, 1973).

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Does Liz Ellis have bothers or sisters?

Liz Ellis has a sister, kath Ellis

What is Liz Ellis' middle names?

Elizabeth "Liz" Ellis :)!

When did Liz Ellis DIE?

Liz Ellis hasn't died yet.

When was Liz Ellis born?

Liz Ellis was born on January 17, 1973.

What are Liz Ellis achievements?

Before Liz Ellis retired in 2007 her biggest achievements were:

What is Liz Ellis' occupation?

Liz Ellis in a netball player and plays GK.

What does Liz Ellis do now?

Liz Ellis is a comentator during netball season and is very good at her job as she was a brilliant player!! LIZ- MY IDOL!!

Where was Liz Ellis born and when?

Liz Ellis was born on the 17th of January 1973 in Windsor, New South Wales.

What is Liz Ellis' the netball players nickname?

Leaping Liz

Does Liz Ellis have any children?


What does Liz Ellis eat?


Which netball team is Liz Ellis in?

Liz Ellis has retired now but she was in the Sydney Swifts Team aswell as the Australian Netball Team

What is Liz Ellis's birthday?

Liz Ellis was born on January 17, 1973.

Is Liz Ellis a famous swimmer?

Liz Ellis isn't a famous swimmer she is a netball player. But i think she likes to swim in her spare time.

What position does Liz Ellis play?

Liz Ellis plays GK (goal keeper) and was said (until she retired) she was the best GK in the world.

Where did Liz Ellis grow up?


How many kilograms is Liz Ellis?


Does Liz Ellis play on tv?


Who did Liz Ellis play for?

Liz Ellis played for the Sydney Swifts from 1993 until retiring in 2007And also played for the Australian netball team.

Who are famous netball players of the world?

that's easy, me!! Liz Ellis (Elizabeth Ellis)

What primary school did Liz Ellis go to?

Liz Ellis went to St Matthew catholic primary school Windsor Australia i go to that school and i have met her

Who is the best Australian Netball player?

Liz Ellis

Were does Liz Ellis live?

where ever u want

What is Liz Ellis address?


Famous Australian netball players?

Liz ellis