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How old is Sam Alex Woods?

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As of July 2014, Sam Alex Woods is 7 years old. Sam was born in the year of 2007. She is the daughter of the famous golfer, Tiger Woods.

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How old is Tiger Woods daughter?

Sam woods is 15 weeks old!

When did Sam Woods die?

Sam Woods died in 1915.

What is Sam Woods best known for?

Sam Woods is actually the daughter of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. She is currently four years-old and hasn't appeared too often in the spotlight with her now-separated parents.

How old are Tiger Woods' kids?

Her name is Sam Alexis Woods. She was born June 18, 2007 and is currently 2 years old.

How tall is Sam Alex Kay?

Sam Alex Kay is 5' 10".

When was Alex Woods - soccer - born?

Alex Woods - soccer - was born on 1982-10-07.

Does Tiger Woods have any children?

Yes; he has a daughter named Sam Alexis Woods. Sam was born in 2007.

What are Tiger Woods kids names?

Sam Alexis Woods and , Charlie Axel Woods

What are Tiger Woods children's named?

Sam & Charley Sam & Charley

Tiger Woods child's name?

Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel Woods

When was Sam Alex Kay born?

Sam Alex Kay was born on November 3, 1990, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

How many people are in Tiger Woods family?

Tiger Woods, Elin Woods, Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel.

What is the child name of Tiger Woods?

His daughter Sam Alexis Woods and his son Charlie Axel

Who is Tiger Woods child?

He has two, a girl Sam Alexis Woods and a boy Charlie Axel

Does Tiger Woods have kids?

Two, a daughter Sam Alexis Woods and a son Charlie Axel

What is Tiger Woods sons name?

Tiger doesn't have a son, he has a daughter named Sam Alexis Woods.

Who carries Bella from the woods in New moon?

The person who carries Bella from the woods is called Sam Uley.

When were Tiger Woods' kids born?

Sam Alexis Woods, 6/18/2007Charlie Axel Woods, 2/8/2009

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