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How old is Spike Lee?

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US director Shelton "Spike" Lee is 60 years old (birthdate: March 20, 1957).

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Why are Spike Lee films called Spike Lee Joints?

because spike lee is a known pot smoker

Does spike lee have a son?

Yes Spike Lee does have a son.

How tall is Spike Lee?

Spike Lee is 5 foot 7

What did spike lee have to overcome?

spike lee had to overcome being black

When was Spike Lee born?

Spike Lee was born on March 20, 1957.

Which is not a spike lee movie?

The GSN answer is: (line 1) Which is not a Spike Lee movie?

How many kids does Spike Lee have?

spike lee has 2 kids satchel lee born in 1994 and Jackson lee born in 1997

Spike lee's email?

Spike lee email

What is the birth name of Spike Lee?

Spike Lee's birth name is Shelton Jackson Lee.

Is Spike Lee related to Bruce Lee?

No he isn't. Spike Lee's Black and born Shelton Jackson Lee Bruce is Chinese and born Lee Jun Fan

Does Spike Lee own Spike TV?

Spike TV is NOT owned by Spike Lee. It is owned by the Network Enterprises, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of MTV Networks, wholly owned by Viacom).

Do spike lee own spike tv?

No, Spike TV is owned by Viacom and is a subsidiary of MTV.

What is spike lees full name?

Shelton Jackson "Spike" Lee

How old is David Lee?

David Lee (NBA) is 34 years old (birthdate April 29, 1983).David Lee (brother of Spike Lee) is 56 years old (birthdate February 16, 1961).David Morris Lee (Nobel physicist) is 86 years old (birthdate: January 20, 1931).

What is Spike Lee's birthday?

Spike Lee was born on March 20, 1957.

What are the release dates for CenterStage - 2002 Spike Lee?

CenterStage - 2002 Spike Lee was released on: USA: November 2005

Does Spike Lee own a television station or network?

Spike Lee owns a production company named "40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks".

Did spike lee go to jail?

No, but he should of.

When did spike lee die?

i went on Google, & there is no information on the net regarding that Spike Lee has died. therefore, logic would dictate that he is still very much alive. also, as Spike Lee is a world famous movie director/ screenwriter, news of his demise would be transmitted worldwide, so it would be virtually impossible for you not to be aware of Spike Lee,s death, if he were to die.

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