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How old is Tim Lambesis?

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Heavy metal musician Tim Lambesis is 37 years old (born November 21, 1980).

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Who is Tim lambesis' wife?

Meggan Lambesis

Where did Tim lambesis go to school?

Tim Lambesis graduated from Santa Fe Christian High School and Liberty University.

Who is the lead singer of As I Lay Dying?

Tim Lambesis

How old is As I Lay Dying?

Tim Lambesis found the band in 2000. He found the band with drummer Jordan Mancino. He asked him if he wanted to make a band. Therefore, Tim is officially the founder of As I Lay Dying. Their first complete line-up was in 2001. Their first lineup was: Time Lambesis: lead vocals Jordan Mancino: drums Evan White: lead guitar Noah Chase: bass guitar. They didn't have clean vocals or a rhythm guitar.

Do As I Lay Dying love Jesus?

Yes, they do. It's definiatly evident Tim lambesis (frontman/song writer) does, as he writes the songs about his struggles in life and faith.

What are the lyrics to Another Soldier?

The song titled Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier, was released on the 2001 album Beneath the Encasing Ashes. The lyrics to the song were written by Tim Lambesis.

How did 'As I Lay Dying' get its name?

Tim Lambesis (the lead singer of As I Lay Dying (AILD) liked the name of a book by William Faulkner. The book's name happened to As I Lay Dying.

When did As I Lay Dying become a band?

They formed in 2001. Tim Lambesis and Jordan Mancino are the only original members since then, the band has had quite a few line-up changes throughout the years.

Who are the members of As I Lay Dying?

Tim Lambesis - lead singer Nick Hipa - lead guitarist Jordan Mancino - Drummer Phil Sgrosso - Rhythm Guitar one more I cant remember

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