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Vanna White is 61 years old (birthdate: February 18, 1957).
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Who is Vanna White?

Vanna White was born on September 18 1957 as Vanna Marie Rosich in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States. Her parents were Joan Marie and Miguel Rosich. Vanna White took the name of her Stepfather Hebert Stackley White Jr. Vanna White is best know as puzzle board presenter and co-host of ( Full Answer )

Who is Vanna White dating in 2009?

Vanna White has been having a secret romantic fling with a Boston area plastic surgeon/graphic designer since 1985. Hey right she has been dating this guy on the other side of the country in spite of children marriages and other engagements and nobody even wrote about it back when she was in the new ( Full Answer )

How old was Vanna White and Pat Sajak when Wheel of Fortune began?

Vanna white was born on 18 Feb 1957 and was 26 when the nighttime Wheel of Fortune began on 19 September 1983 . Pat Sajak was born on 26 Oct 1946 and was 37 when the nighttime show began. The daytime show began in September of 1975 but Pat Sajak and Vanna White did not replace Chuck Woolery and Susa ( Full Answer )

What does Vanna White weigh?

On April 24 2009 at the end of a Wheel of Fortune epsiode she said she wore a size 4 dress in regular sizes and a size 6 in designer gowns when Pat Sajak asked what was her dress size. While that is not a weigh it is problably the closest you'll get to any indication of a celebrites weigh directly ( Full Answer )

Did Vanna White have a mastectomy?

What and she had it scheduled for between different episodes to allow for recovery. These things are very hard to keep secret from everyone and I don't believe I've even heard any rumors. Vanna White is a very Famous individual and I don't expect she could keep cancer secret. I also feel that she wo ( Full Answer )

Is Vanna White anorexic?

Vanna White has never been reported as suffering from anorexia. Like most female personalities on television, Vanna White is expected to maintain a svelte image. Her small frame may make this an easier effort.

How old is Vanna White and is she married?

Vanna White is 53 years old and was born on February 18 1957. She has not remarried after her divorce from husband George Santo Pietro in 2002. The related link has more information, Photos and interesting Video clips and is titled Vanna White Famous Why

Was Vanna White on price is right?

Yes she did not win any money, but was on the show. The have a clip of Vanna White on the show along with a number of other clips from TV shows and movies in the related link of Famous why

Who has Vanna White dated?

According to a website, here are a list of men that had a relationship with Vanna White: Corbin Bernsen, George Santo Pietro, Whom she later married for eleven years. John Conbelt, Colby Donaldson, Stephen Samuels, Gordy Watson, John Gibson, and Michael Kaye, with whom she is no longer engaged to be ( Full Answer )

Why is Vanna White so famous?

Because she is an American television personality, best known as puzzle-board presenter and co-host on the long-running game show Wheel of Fortune. Under related links a link has been added to the famous why site which includes pictures and videos of Vanna White

What nationality is Vanna White?

Vanna White is an American who was born Vanna Marie Rosich and has Croatian, English, Italian, Spanish, German, and Greek origins. See the related question below the answer information

When did Vanna White start?

Her first episode as Pat Sajak's assistant presenter aired December 13, 1982. Vanna White remained with the daytime version of Wheel until its cancellation in 1991. White's popularity soared after the primetime version of Wheel made its debut in September 1983. Within a year, Wheel was the hig ( Full Answer )

Are there Pictures of Vanna White and her children?

There is a nice Picture of Vanna White and her children when she has gotten her star. It's is one of 66 photo's of celebrities and their children on the related link about half way down the file.

How many dresses does Vanna White have?

Vanna White says that after she wears a gown to a public affair she donates those gowns to charities. For more information a link to her detailed answer has been added under related links below the answer information. The link also provides answers to other questions Vanna White has answered in her ( Full Answer )

What car does Vanna White drive?

I do sub-contractor work at Sony studios in Culver City one week a year. Last year she had a mint green Jaguar. This year she has a silver Jaguar.

What city did Vanna White live in?

Vanna White (birth name Vanna Marie Rosich) was born on 18, February 1957 in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA.see related link for photos and clips on Vanna White

Why did Vanna White get divorced?

Vanna White was married to George Santo Pietro for 11 years until the November 2002 divorce for irreconcilable differences according to the related question. According to Extra (see related Link) the couple separated in November 2001 after years of reports that the marriage was on the rocks. . A l ( Full Answer )

Has Vanna White had cosmetic surgery?

Undoubtedly, she is 53 and on one of the First HDTV programs broadcast. Have you seen a close up of a face on a 52 inch HD screen? Vanna is in close ups every program and the viewers can now see an actress closer and clearer than ever before.

How old was Vanna White when first on Wheel of Fortune?

She was 25 years old when she did her first Daytime Wheel of Fortune Episode. Vanna White was born on February 18 1957 and started Wheel of Fortune on December 18 1982 on the Network Daytime Game Show. When the Nighttime syndicated Wheel of Fortune began on September 19 1983 Vanna White was 26 years ( Full Answer )

Who has replaced Vanna White when she has been out?

Vanna White has not been out because they they are never live. The old daytime show was a network show and may have worked differently, but that was over 20 years ago. The programs are taped for a week's time in a single day. A few days are always Taped in a row even when they are on location. They ( Full Answer )

Was vanna white a playmate?

No she was not a playmate. She did have an unauthorized pictorial on her see related link for some of the PG rated photos

Who was the host when Vanna White started?

Susan Stafford was the last official host that Vanna White replaced. Temporary hostesses were Summer Bartholomev and Vicki McCarty. Susan Stafford left on October 22 1882 and was not replaced by Vanna White until December 13 1982 . Pat Sajak was the Host when Vanna White started until he left the ( Full Answer )

Does Vanna White use Botox?

It would seem likely with the requirement to be on HDTV and have close ups of your face under the High Definition Television cameras and shown across America to viewers with 52 inch and larger screens that a person would do everything they could to make themselves look better

Where did vanna white grow up?

Birthplace: North Myrtle Beach, SC High School: North Myrtle Beach High School, North Myrtle Beach, SC see related link

How does Vanna White stay in shape?

It is one of Vanna White's FAQs and the click and paste answer is from her related link than can be found below the answer information: . How do you stay in shape? I exercise at least five days a week. I spin, run, lift light weights, do sit-ups and push-ups and practice yoga. You can get more ( Full Answer )

How old is Pat Sajak and Vanna White?

Pat Sajak is 65 and was born on October 26 1946 and Vanna White is 55 and was born on February 18 1957. Vanna White was born on February 18 1957 and is 53 until her birthday. see related link Pat Sajak was born on October 26 1946 and is 64 until his birthday see related link

What town was vanna white from?

High School: North Myrtle Beach High School, North Myrtle Beach, SC Birthplace: North Myrtle Beach, SC see related link

Who did vanna white divorce?

Vanna White divorce George Santo Pietro in 2002. They were married in 1991. There were two children Nicholas Pietro Born 1994 and Giovanna Pietro Born 1997

Did Vanna White ever do drugs?

Yes, in her autobiography Vanna Speaks, Vanna writes about herdrug use: (1) "In 1974, my junior year of high school, I was student councilvice president and a member of the Honor Society. I was acheerleader and had once again come in runner up in the Miss NorthMyrtle Beach High School pagent. That ( Full Answer )

What culture does Vanna white have?

While Vanna White ethnicity is White she has Croatian, English, Italian, Spanish, German and Greek origins according to the related link.

Does vanna white answer all of her mail?

I've seen a site that people have used the address and wrote and gotten signed photos. There must be offense mail that nobody would ever answer. her address is available at the related question

Is vanna white part Mexican?

No the related link says, "She has Croatian, English, Italian, Spanish, German and Greek origins."

Who is vanna white married too?

Vanna White is not married she is divorced. Vanna White married restaurant owner George San Pietro in December 1990, and they divorced in November 2002.

Is Vanna White a Panda Killer?

No she wore some dresses that had Bamboo fibers. It's a good thing to find uses for products and silly to blame the Giant Panda problem on her. Many of the larger animals in the world are losing there habitats. It is not something new or something that will change. In my opinion Vanna White is a ( Full Answer )

Why did pat kiss vanna white?

It was the last show and Pat Sajak was leaving the Daytime show to start a late night talk show. Both Pat and Vanna were single and he kissed her good bye. see video

Is vanna white an aunt?

Vanna White might be an Aunt, but not to anyone that is actually part of her family and instead part of her biological father's new family. That is why she has her new father's name since she was young.

Is Vanna White being fired?

No why would Vanna White be fired when she has a contract that was signed last season until 2014

Is Vanna White a Christian?

While sites provide information on Pat Sajak being Catholic they do not provide a religion for Vanna White

How old were Pat Sajak and Vanna White when they got married?

Pat Sajak was 33 when he married his first wife Sherrill in 1979. They were divorced in 1986. He was 43 when he married his current wife Lesly Brown Sajak on December 31 1989 Vanna White was 33 when she married George Santopietro on December 31 1990. They were divorced on May 15 2002 Of course Pa ( Full Answer )

Did vanna white have a child in 2010?

No she did not her last child was her daughter Giovanna in 1997 and her son Nicholas was born in 1994. At 54 Vanna is unlikely to have any more children

Is Vanna White curently in a relationship?

Vanna White's activities do not receive the media attention of someone like George Clooney and she is a private individual. There are no reports of her being engaged or living with someone at this time. This is what is said online about her "Vanna White is currently single. She has been in three ( Full Answer )

Where did Vanna white live?

When do you mean as a child growing up it was South Carolina. One of her homes that she lives with her children is in Mulholland estates see related link for picture of her home