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How old is he
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Q: How old is Wendell in the book Seedfolks?
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Where is wendell from in the book seedfolks?


What is wendell's symbol from the book seedfolks?

Wendell's symbol is a pitcher filled with water.

Who is wendell from seedfolks?


What did Wendell plant in SeedFolks?

In the book Seedfolks, Wendell plants something that is never specified . In Gonzalo's chapter Gonzalo says " he had a nice garden going, so he does plant something, the book just does't specify.

In the book seedfolks what contribution did wendell make to the garden?

He saved kims beans of dying

What are character wendell character traits in seedfolks?

Wendell is helpful.

How old is Ana from the book seedfolks?

78 ;)

Who is Wendell from the book seedfolks?

Wendell is Ana's friend and he comes over to help replant Kim's plants that Ana dug up because she thought they were illegal perefinaela

What does wendell plant in the book seedfolks?

Heee doess plantt someethinngg butt itt nevverr sayss wat look in gonzolos chapter

What does wendell plant in seedfolks?

he plant da veggie food that tatste good

What did the character wendell from seedfolks plant and why?

well he planted beans and i'm not sure why he planted them.

What did Nora in the book Seedfolks plant?

Nora plants hollyhocks, snapdragons, and poppies in the book Seedfolks.

How many pages are there in Seedfolks book?

There are 69 pages in Seedfolks book that is written by Paul Fleischman.

How old is Amir in seedfolks?

He's 30-40 years old (that's what it says in the book).

What are the themes in the book seedfolks?

The theme in the book seedfolks is one small act can affect a whole community.

What are the characters of the book Seedfolks?

Kim, Ana, Wendell, Gonzalo, Leona, Sam, Virgil, Sae Young, Curtis, Nora, Maricela, Amir, and Florence. Extras: Ms. Fleck Royce Lateesha

What is paradise in seedfolks book?

Go do urself

What is the theme for the chapter seedfolks book?


What is Leona age from the book seedfolks?


When does the book seedfolks take place?

Cleveland Ohio

What is Curtis' nationality from the book seedfolks?

african american

What does the title seedfolks mean?

Old People

What is the conflict in the book Seedfolks?

The characters are separating themselves by race.

What ethnicity is Leona from the seedfolks book?

African-American women

Who was romanian in the book seedfolks?

The romanian girl is called ana