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Good question. I just bought one at the local swap meet in Snowflake Arizona. the serial number for mine is : 059513. Is that older than yours? it is mostly rugged, solid steel with squared/not rounded edges. There is a left side plate the covers the trigger and revolver mechanism. This plate appears to be made from black painted "pot metal". The handgrips are a white plastic. I'll keep researching and add any new info to this site. -Greg

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Q: How old is a 7 round 22 pistol made by Arms Co Nashville Tennessee?
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How old is a 7 round pistol made by arms co Nashville Tennessee?

ARMSCO stands for Arms Corporation of America and was located in Nashville, TN (actually it was made in Woodbine, TN, a Nashville suburb). The revolver was made in a small shop located behind Friedman's Army and Navy Surplus Store which was also owned by Mr. Friedman, the manufacturer. These revolvers were made from the 1950's to circa 1968 and production was terminated probably by the 1968 Gun Control Act.Retail price was regularly $19.95 and periodically, they would go on sale for $12.This revolver is made of inferior materials and poor workmanship. I would not recommend shooting one.

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What is the value of an Arms Co. 7 round 22 pistol made in Nashville Tennessee?

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How old is a 7 round pistol made by arms co Nashville Tennessee?

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