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How old is a Springfield Model 56?

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Look up J. Stevens model 56

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Where can you get a 5-shot clip for a Springfield Model 56?

where can i find a clip for a 22 cal springfield model 56

How old is your Springfield 22 rifle model 56?

the stevens model 56 was made from 1933-1945 with a total production of 97,500 guns during that time frame.

What is the value of the springfield model 56?

Hi Depending on condition around 140 tops. Thanks Casey

How old is your shot gun springfield mod 67h ser no a146074?

The Springfield/Stevens model 67 shotgun dated from 1986-1989.

A Manual for Savage Springfield Model 234?

Manual for Savage Springfield Model 234

How old is springfield rifle 22 model 388?

They were manufactured between 1968 an 1972.

What is a 50 year springfield 22 cal rifle?

what model A 50 year springfield .22 cal rifle would probably refer to a springfield that is at least 50 years old. It is impossible to say more about it without knowing a model and serial.

How old is the springfield 1903 rifle with serial number 1136990?

Your serial number indicates that your Springfield model 1903 rifle was made in the year 1919.

How old is the springfield 1903 with serial number 1313139?

Your serial number 1313139 shows that your Springfield model 1903 rifle was made in the year 1929.

How old is my springfield rifle serial 53793?

You will need to include the model number to your question to find a answer.

How old is your springfield Stevens 22 rifle model 84c?

The stevens model 84C was produced from 1936-1945 in the amount of 99,500 guns.

How much is a 1884 springfield rifle worth?

Depending on the overall condition of your Springfield Trapdoor model 1873,or 1884.These old rifles will bring 750 dollars and up.

What year ded they make us springfield armory model 1903 with the serial number of 1414943?

Your springfield armory model 1903 springfield rifle was made in 1932.

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