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It was made by Mossberg around 1930 plus a few years. It was a low budget bolt action rifle Mossberg model 321 or 320 under the Western Auto name

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Q: How old is a Western Auto model 100 22slr bolt-action rifle?
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Who made the Western Field Model 79 rifle?

your rifle was produced by mossberg.There model number is 472 PRA.

Do you have a photo of a glinfield marlin boltaction 22 rifle serial 23753112?

WikiAnswers does not support photographs. So the answer is "NO."

Who made western field 30-30 model m 72 serial 706794?

The western field model 72 rifle was made by noble for montgomery wards.These were the noble model 50 rifle.

What is the age of a western field model M855a rifle?

Your rifle was made by the Mossberg firearms company,there model 353 is the Western field model 855a rifle.These rifles were produced by Mossberg from 1972-1985.

When were western model 37 bolt action rifles made?

Your Western Field model 37 bolt action rifle was made for Montgomery Wards(Western Field) by Mossberg and sons.The Mossberg model 30 and your rifle are one and the same.The Mossberg model 30 single shot .22cal rifle was made from 1933-1935.

How much is western auto 22magnum rifle model?


What is the value of a Revelation rifle made by western auto supply?

It would help if you gave the model, cal, and condition of the rifle. Western Auto Revelation had hunderds of rifles for sale.

When was the Stevens model 66 made and what is it worth?

Based on Hatchers Book "The Rifle in America" it was introduced in 1930 and discontinues 1948. It is a Boltaction repeated with a tubular magazine (I guess yOu know that already) I have no idea what it is worth.

Is the mossberg model 45A the same as a western field bolt action 22 rifle model?

The mossberg model 45A is the same gun as the western field model 47.

What is the value of a western field Model 880A-ECH?

need value of western field model 880a-ech 22 long rifle

Where can a picture of a marlin 22 cal boltaction rifle made in 1920's be seen?

Was there a marlin 22 cal. bolt-action rifle made in 1920's?

Who made a Western Field model 850 22 rifle?

Western Field model 850 22lr sa rifle can be cross-referenced to the Mossberg model 353. Check out for a complete listing of available parts including magazines.

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