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Sears Roebuck Model 3T 22 semi-automatic were made during the 1950s and 1960s. The guns were made by Marlin in the 1950s, and are worth between $300 to $400..

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The sears model 6c-22 was made Winchester/ same as Winchester model#490


I bought one in 1954, manufact by Hi Std, from sears.

An automatic shotgun from Sears Roebuck would top out at around $200.

Same as a High Standard A1041 .22 Auto. Send your email to me so I can send you a scan of the manual.

* They can bring $150 to the right buyer. * JC Higgins 583 75 model 31 22 cal semi auto rifle was made by High Standard exclusivly For Sears was made in 1952 average price in Excellent cond. is around 125.00 Dealer usually pay half of that

They are semi-auto,i currently own one that was my dads and before that it was my grandpaws gun.

For all intents and purposes, yes it is. Nearly every part is interchangeable. The Sears guns do not hold the same value, though.

Sears, Wards, JC Penney and Western Auto used a variety of gun makers to make guns for them. Companies like Mossberg, Savage, Hi Standard, Stevens, Colt and Marlin all made company guns for these stores

Sears Ranger model 34 is a .22 caliber single-shot bolt action rifle manufactured by Marlin (see model 65) for Sears for about $18-22 during the late 1940's and early 1950's. Current value would be condition rated from $40-$115. The Ted Williams naem was not used until the early 1960's and the model 34 of that era was made by High Stadnard and was a semi auto.

your rifle was made by J Stevens arms Co. 101 16 was the Stevens model 87A 22 cal semi auto rifle .1946 to 1955 >Stevens made a lot of these rifles and their vallue is some what low between 75 and 125 dollars depending on condition They are excellent rifles fun to shoot and very accurate

your rifle was made by marlin . Aruond 1960 these rifles are scarce They are of high quality and excellent shooters and in general very good little rifles its worth about 100 dollars

Sears had rifles made in .22 and .22L under the Ted Williams brand by Winchester (M94, M190) and Ithica (M49). -- But Only ONE of those is semiauto -- The marking on your rifle is actually '3T' not '37.' It is the Winchester Model 190 as made for Sears.

Higgins PartsYour rifle was made by Stevens it is known as the model 87 A 22 semi auto rifle. These are truly an excellent rifles accurate and fun to shoot. I have several. Parts are readily available from many gun part suppliers I have had very good luck with Numrich gun parts corp. in West Hurley NY. The only part that I have found to be different is the trigger guard, and of course that is the part that I am missing.

J C Higgins is a brand name for rifles made by various companies for Sears. Mossberg, Savage, Remington and Hi Standard made rifles for Western Auto and Sears using the Higgins name on the Sears rifles.

High Standard made the Model 75 for Sears.

HigginsThis rifle was made by Savage /Stevens They sold them as the Model 6/87 semi auto rifle a very good rifle .The Tenite stock and JC Higgins name means It was made after WW2 Infact it was made around 1950 the value is around 100 to 150 dollars depending on condition how ever dealers pay considerably less for them .But that is what they sell them for. The model 87 with tenite stock is in demand with Stevens collectors even those made for JC Higgins Sears and Roebuck

It would help if you gave the model, cal, and condition of the rifle. Western Auto Revelation had hunderds of rifles for sale.

I must first say that sears did not keep any production records of the shotguns they bought from various makers.your sears model 102.25 was made by Stevens.The model of your shotgun is Stevens model 520A. These john browning designed semi auto shotguns had the hump back design noted on browning shotguns.these Stevens model closely resemble the savage model 720 with the same john browning design,and these were made from 1930-1949.

Your rifle may be a Winchester Model 490. If so, it should have a button type safety on the side of the trigger guard to the front of the guard. This pushes through from right to left to release the safety. Please contact Winchester through their website for an owner's manual for your rifle.

Depends on the model number. Many different companies made rifles for Western Auto marking them with Western Auto's private brand. This also applied to Sears (J C Higgins) and Montgomery Ward (Westernfield)

Sears' JC Higgins Model 25 is the High Standard model A1041 .22 auto

The Ted Williams Model 34 .22 caliber auto-loading rifle was manufactured by High Standard. Identification numbers include 583.3400; 583.3401; 583.3402; and 583.3403. There may be additional ID's, but these are the ones I have found. D. Phillpott

Your rifle is likely a Marlin Model 336. The versions made for the various stores (Sears, Western Auto, Montgomery Wards, etc) usually had a plainer finish, stocks made of hardwood instead of walnut, etc. Excellent rifles, just a plainer version. Depending on condition, anywhere from $150-$225. Really good deer rifle, in my opinion.

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