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Alaina Mathers (not to be confused with another Amanda Marie Scott) is 24 years old (birthdate May 3, 1993).
She is Eminem's niece, daughter of his wife's twin sister.

Eminem has custody of the three half-sisters:
Alaina Marie Scott Mathers was born May 3, 1993.
Hailie Jade Mathers was born on December 25, 1995.
And his third daughter, Whitney Laine Scott, was born April 16, 2002.

Hailie is his only blood daughter. Alaina, (who was Amanda Marie Scott before Em gained custody of her), is Eminem's niece. She was the daughter of Dawn Scott, Kim's sister. And lastly, Whitney Laine Scott, was Eminem's ex wife Kimberly Ann Scott's daughter. She had Whitney with Eric Hartter. Eminem also has custody of his younger half brother Nathan Mathers (Nathan Kane Samra) born February 3, 1986. Nathan was Debbie's second child. His father is Fred Samra Jr. - the different father which is why he's Eminem's half brother.
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Alaina Mathers is the child of Kim Scott's twin sister so she is Eminem's neice but Eminem has raised her since she was a small child and she still lives with him she is also
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