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Fashion Design

How old is fashion?

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Jamestown is old fashion but people help to improve it so it my be visited

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An old fashion term used to describe women dame or damsel. An old fashion term used when speaking to a woman is my lady.

to work at fashion bug you have to be about 16 years old and up

the fashion was really old and not that speaciall.

The youngest fashion designer is 11 years old and her name is Cecilia Casini.

"Old fashion" is an extremely vague term and is a matter of personal perception. For example, I am less than 20 years old and "old fashion" to me is before the 1900s. However, another teenager my age could suggest that "old fashion" is something worn last year. People have different views on what is old based on their frame of reference.

Nothing, because the French don't have any fashion.

both, we do make our own fashion but we also wear old fashions too

People in Portugal have a fantastic taste in style. From old fashion, to the world acclaimed fashion shows in Lisbon, Portuguese fashion is indeed a magnificant blend of both the old and the new.

it's was tha same, but old.!

Yuletide is an old word for Christmas.

The style is old fashion.

you can become a fashion designer by making things work

Henry Ford interned the car... old fashion is what you would call them to day but in Fords time they were the most mardon of there time ...

Surprisingly, she is 40 years old!

im 12 years old and i draw alot of fashion clothes ,like purses Demin (jeans) alot of them i just wanted to know that can a 12 year old girl can be a fashion designer

an old fashion woord for a blackbird

The old fashion way, on the farm.

I want to be a fashion designer at 13 how can i become one?

The youngest fashion designer is 11 years old and her name is Cecilia Casini

A Good Old Fashion Metaphor - 2011 was released on: USA: 21 May 2011 (Phoenix, Arizona)

old fashion name for evil bum

dutanie.... its an old fashion version