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In the outsiders Johnny is 16 years old.

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How old was johnny cade in the outsiders?

johnny cade was 20/21 in a half in the moive outsiders

How old is johhnny from the outsiders?

Johnny is 16 years old when he dies.

How old is johnny Cade in the Outsiders?

16, you should read the book

When was the fire in The Outsiders?

when johnny and ponyboy were in Windrixville living in the old church

How old is johnny from the outsiders?

He's 16 but he looks 14 and he knows it.

How old did Bob Sheldon from The Outsiders die?

Bob Sheldon in the novel 'The Outsiders' by S.E Hinton was around 18 years old when Johnny killed him.

How old was Johnny Cade when he died in ''The Outsiders''?

johnny was 16 going on 17 whenehe dieid

Why did johnny die in The Outsiders?

Johnny got burnt in a fire in the old abandoned church. He went to the hospital and died shorty after.

What does Johnny do in The Outsiders?

Johnny kills one of the socs. -_-

In the outsiders how did johnny kill a soc?

Johnny stabbed him with his switchblade.

How did Johnny feel about dying?

how did johnny feel about dying from the outsiders

Who played jhonny in The Outsiders?

Ralph Macchio played Johnny in 'The Outsiders'.

How tall is Johnny Cade from The Outsiders?

in "the outsiders" it doesn't describe how tall johnny was.

Does johnny stab the socs in the book and movie of The Outsiders?

Yes, Johnny stabs Bob, a Soc, in the book AND movie The Outsiders.

Where did johnny and ponyboy go after they killed bob in the outsiders?

Ponyboy and Johnny went to Windrixville.They lived in an old, abandoned church on the top of Jay Mountain.

What chapter of the book did johnny stabbed bob in the story The Outsiders?

The chapter Johnny stabbed Bob in the novel in the outsiders is Chapter 4

When does Johnny die in The Outsiders?

johnny dies in the end of chapter 9

What happens to johnny in The Outsiders?

johnny got beat up by the socs

Is Johnny a good person in The Outsiders?

of course johnny is a good person

In the book the outsiders does johnny go to school?

In the book, The Outsiders, Johnny does go to school. Johnny, like many of the other characters in the book, skips school a lot though.

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