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Not So Li'l
According to Who2 Biography, Li'l Wayne was born on September 27, 1982. He turned 28 on September 27, 2009.

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Who is the richest paid rap artist?

lil Wayne

Who is the most crapest rap artist?

lil wayne/souljaboy.

Who is the most ifluential rap artist?

at this point in time Lil Wayne

How old was Lil Wayne in his first rap?

Lil Wayne was 14 in his first rap with cash money. However, he started when he was 9.

Where can one find videos of Lil Wayne Freestyle Rap City?

Lil Wayne is a hip-hop artist from America. Videos of Lil Wayne performing Freestyle Rap City can be found on the YouTube website, and also on Jukebox.

What rap artist sang the lyrics i dont talk fast you just listen slow?

Lil Wayne... Lloyed feat Lil Wayne "I want You"

Is lil Wayne eminem R and B?

No way, they are Rap / Hip-Hop! Lil Wayne is new school Rap, but Eminem aint new or old!

Who are the Best rap artists?

Its hard to determine who is the best rap artist but it is nas or tupac lil Wayne could be but not yet

What rap artist has the most released songs a?

probably Lil Wayne im not shure though

Is how to by lil Wayne country or rap?


What inspired drake to rap?

Well drake wanted to rap because lil Wayne inspired him to rap so lil Wayne inspired him to rap and he joined young money with lil Wayne nicki Minaj lil twist tyga and the rest of them

How old was Lil Wayne when he joined Rap?

Seven years young. (:

What year did Lil Wayne start his first rap song?

Lil Wayne wrote his first rap song when he was eight.

Is lil boosie and Lil Wayne beefing?

I don't think that would even be a fair rap beef cause lil wayne can't rap.

Who is the richest rap and r and b black artist?

lil Wayne all day and akon peace people

Who is the girl on Wayne rap label?

Nicky Minaj is the name of the artist on Lil Wayne's Label Young Money.

What does Lil Wayne like?

lil wayne likes rap music and like bananas

Who is better rick Ross or Lil Wayne?

Are you kidding me? Lil' Wayne can't rap for his life.

How do you rap like Lil Wayne?

you cant

Clean Rap Songs?

lil Wayne

Does lil wayne rap?

omg YAH!

Does lil Wayne get high to rap?


What style is lil Wayne music?


Who invented rap music?

lil Wayne did

Is Lil Wayne the king of rap?

No, he's not. He are just not big enough and haven't sold enough.You can't call Lil' Wayne "The king of rap".