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She is 5 in the fist half and 9 in the second part

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Q: How old is scout when she is telling the story?
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Who is telling the story Old Yeller?

Travis is telling the story. who do u think it is?

How old is Scout in the book To Kill a Mockingbird?

Scout is about 7 years old at the beginning of the story.

How old are scout and Jem a the beginning of the story?

scout is 6 and jem is 10

Did the Greeks invent story telling?

Probably not, since story-telling is as old as the ability to communicate itself.

Who was Scout Finch?

Her full name is Jean Louise Finch. She is Jem's little sister and the one telling the story.

When is Scout finch telling the story?

In the first 112 pages of the book. End of Ch. 12 (Depending on the Version)

How old is jem and scout in tokill a mockingbird?

In the beginning of the story, Scout is 4, Jem is 8 and Dill is 7

How is telling the story To Kill a Mockingbird and why?

Scout is the narrator in To Kill A Mockingbird and it better shows the views of children and somewhat of an outside view. Her name "Scout" is a term for someone who goes and retrieves information and brings it to people which is what she does in the story for the reader.

What did Scout not like about Calpurnia?

that she was always telling scout to go out of the kitchen and compare scout with dill.

What are the events in chapter 1 of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'?

The basic event in the 1st chapter is Scout telling the end of the story without getting in to, to much detail. So, you won't know what will happen at the end. Another event is Scout telling the beginning of what started everything.

How old is Scout when she narrates the story?

6ish, Because she is going into Primary school

Is the account of Scout as a narrator in To Kill a Mockingbird believable?

To Kill A Mockingbird is the perfect book. Every word is beautifuly crafted, there is no waste or fill, everything is there for for a reason, each person is a living breathing human with flaws, the bad and the good people and it gives each a chance of redemption. Is Scout believable as the narrator? Yes, because Scout is not telling a complicated story. Yes the book is complcated, it makes you think about the wrong we do, evil, love, Law is not always right, right is not always easy, love, hate. Mockingbird is a complcated book, but the story Scout is telling is not. Read the first page, the first two paragraphs and you will understand. Scout is only telling you the story of how her brother Jem broke his arm. Well, Scout is telling the story years in advance and trying to tell it from her perspective as a 5-8 year old, so in that sense, one could view the narrator as an unreliable one--possibly misremembering events or filling in information that she may no longer have or may have to account for. Check out the attached link for more info on the point-of-view.

How old is narrator when he is telling the story of scarlet ibis?

Approximately 69

How did Uncle Jack manage to remove a splinter from scout's foot without pain?

Uncle Jack pre-occupies Scout by telling her a story.

In To Kill a Mockingbird how old are Scout and Jem when the novel first begins?

Scout was reminiscing about how Jem hurt himself. He was nearly 13 when he was hurt. Scout then explains how it lead to that, then creating the story. The book was not based on this, but this is what this beautiful story ends in. So the maximum age could be about 13. Scout is then at most 11 years old since she is four years younger than Jeremy.

How does Scout learn who her protector had been?

scout learns that Jem was her protector when atticus is telling her about what happened to Jem.

Why is conflict necessary in story-telling?

conflict is necessary in story telling because it leads to the falling action and develops the plot of the story.

Who was the old lady telling the Titanic story in the Titanic movie?

Her name is Gloria Stuart.

In Island of the Blue Dolphins who is telling the story?

Karana is the one that is telling the story.

How does atticus try to teach scout to get a long with people?

by telling scout that ellie wightman is a bad person and she is ugly

How old is scout at the beginning of the novel?

scout is five years old

What is keep telling the story in past tense?

"kept telling the story" is past tense.

What do you call the character that is telling the story?

A character that is telling a story is usually called the narrator.

Who is telling the story in life from the river by Jan Hudson?

It is Sweetgrass who's telling the story :)

Who is telling the story of A Christmas Carol?

The person telling the story is only referred to as the NArrator