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How old is the Paris Metro?

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== == The first line was completed on July 19, 1900.

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Are there cheaper fares for senior citizens on Paris metro?

As a 70 year old, and a resident of Paris, France can I get a discount on metro lines?

How many metro stations are there in Paris?

there are 95 metro stations in Paris, and 73 airports my recomdination is Metro du Paris

What is the name of the underground network of trains in Paris?

Paris Metro?The metro.

What is the metro is Paris?

The metro is a very sophisticated subway system used in Paris.

How many metro lines are there in France?

There are 14 metro lines in the Paris metro.

What is the metro in Paris?

The metro is a subway system thousands of people use in Paris. it is different from the RER trains.

Who invented the Paris Metro?


How can you find a metro map?

You can find it in the metro in Paris, you need to ask for 'plan de metro'.

What is Paris subway called?

Paris Metropolitain (le metro)

What are the famous means of underground transport in Paris?

The Paris Metro:

In France what is the metro like?

In Paris, France the metro is very crowded!

How long does it take to go from eurodisney Paris to center of Paris with the metro?

You can't go on the metro, you have to go on the RER (google it). From the centre of Paris it takes about 35 minutes.

Can you take a bicycle on the Paris metro?


What is the most transportation in Paris?

Many people in Paris use the Metro.

How do i get from montparnese metro station to Gare d'Austerlitz in Paris France?

Use the Metro.

How many metro lines are there in Paris?

The Paris Metro consists of 300 stations on 16 lines covering the 10×10km area of central Paris. Metro lines are numbered from 1 to 14 with two "bis" or secondary lines 3b and 7b.

How can you get from eurodisney to Paris city center?

Disneyland Paris is accessible via metro.

What is the name of the Paris underground or subway?


Does the Paris metro run on Christmas?


Does the Paris metro run on Jan1?

Yes it does

What year was the metro built in Paris?


What year is it that the Paris Metro was built?


How many stations are in the Paris Metro?


How many employees does the metro in Paris have?


How do you get to Paris St Lazare from Paris Nord?

Take the metro, it's by far the fastest and easiest way. Look at a metro map of Paris--if I'm not mistaken you have to change lines at least once.