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How old is the lead singer of sum 41?

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He was born March 21, 1980.

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How old is the lead singer in the band Sum 41?

I believe he turned 30 earlier this year

Who is the lead singer of sum 41?

Deryck Whibley

Who is sum 41's lead singer?

Deryck Whibley

What is avrils boyfriend called?

His name is Deryck Whibley, he is the lead singer of Sum 41 =]

Where was Avril Lavigne's wedding?

calironia. 2002, private. to lead singer of sum 41<3claudia

How old is the lead singer in the band train?

he is 15! hahaha jk actually 41 The lead singer of train is actually 42 years old .

Who is Avril Lavigne's husband?

her husband is Deryck Whibley , the lead singer of the band Sum 41.. but she filed for a divorce recently.

When did Avril get married?

Avril Lavigne married Deryck Whibley (lead singer to Sum 41) on July 15th 2006.

Which pop punk group boasts Avril Lavigne's husband Deryck Whibley as a member?

Sum 41:D he is the lead singer

How old is the lead singer of the asteroid galaxy tour?

She is 41 born December 31, 1969

How old is the lead singer of Train?

41. He was born on Feburary 28, 1969.That would make him 41 years old, 42 as of feb. 28 of 2011.

In sum 41 was the singer name?

his name is Deryck Whibley

Who married Avril lavigne?

Deryk Whilbey, singer of Sum 41

Who wrote Sum 41's songs?

deryck whibley, the singer. and he still does :)

Who are the members of sum 41?

Deryck Whibley (singer & guitar) Steve Jocz (drum & singer) Jason 'cone' McCaslin (bass) Tom Thacker (lead Guitar & backing vocals) He replaced Dave Baksh who left in 2006

Who is Deryck Whibley?

Deryck Whibley is the singer/rhythm guitarist of Canadian band Sum 41.

What are the name of the band members of sum 41?

the singer and guitar is deryck whibley, the bass player is cone (jason) mccaslin, the drummer is stevo jocz, and the lead guitar player is brown tom (tom thacker)

What is Avril Lavigne's husband called?

Avril Lavigne married Deryck Whibley, the lead singer/guitarist from Sum 41, on July 15, 2006, in Montecito, California.The pair divorced on October 9, 2009.

How old is Ciara the singer?

The singer ciara is 41 on the date of 2012 just like your brother said.

Who wrote sum 41 songs?

the singer and im pretty sure the rhythm guitar player of sum 41, deryck whibley writes the not sure about the instrumental parts but he probably writes the guitar parts that he plays.

What is the sum of -41 and -17?


How old is train the singer?

His birthday is February 28th, 1969.... that makes him 41 in 2011 and in 2012 41 Hope this helps!!??!!

Did Avril get marreid?

Avril Lavigne was married to the singer Sum 41, but they divorced in 2010. As of 2012, she is engaged to the singer of Nickelback. (See related link below for more information.)

Where are the band Sum 41 from?

Sum 41 is a Canadian Rock band from Ajax, Ontario.

Was Avril Lavigne ever engaged?

Yes, she was engaged and then married to Deryck Whibley, singer of the band Sum 41. They are now divorced.

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