How old is the state of Ohio?


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Ohio is about 100 years old.

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Ohio state university is 141 years old.

You must be 18 years old to get married in the state of Ohio.

you have to be 15 and a half to get your permit in Ohio

You have to be 18 in Ohio, the good news is the 17 year old can be married with parental consent:)

In every state if you are not related to the child you have to be atleast 12 years old.

Ohio State University and "The Ohio State University" are the same place. Ohio State University wanted to do something to distance itself from all the other universities in Ohio, and especially from any university that has Ohio in its name such as the following: Ohio College of Pediatric Medicine Ohio Northern University Ohio Dominican University Ohio University (Athens + 6 auxiliary campuses throughout Southeast Ohio) Ohio Wesleyan University Another reason to do this is that Ohio has many state funded Universities. For example Cleveland State, Kent State, Wright State (Dayton), Youngstown State are all Ohio state universities. Ohio State University wanted to separate itself from being just another "Ohio State University" and become "THE Ohio State University"

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The state that border Ohio to the south is the state of Kentucky. The state that borders Ohio to the east is Pennsylvania.

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