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i would probably place your marlin as having been made in either 1909 or 1910.The last recorded serial number for these rifles was in 1906 with the serial number being 355,300.

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I'm assuming you have a Marlin model 1889, not 1887, as they never made a model 1887. The 1889 does have a patent date of 1887 on the barrel, so this is a common mistake. Any Marlin marked ".32W" on the barrel will normally be chambered for the .32-20 Win. cartridge.

The model 38 Marlin was made from around 1921-30. It was called the model 32 when it came out in 1915, but was dropped during the War, and renamed after the War.

marlin made 1993 rifles and 1889 rifles, barrels are about $75 if good, the rifles are about $250 to $500 , all calibers are about equal.

Roughly 1900. Since Marlin mixed serial numbers between models on the early levers it can be hard to pin down exactly. As to caliber, look on the top flat of the barrel.

Your Marlin model 1893 rifle,which was made by Marlin in the year 1905 have been selling for between 800-1,200 dollars.This of course depends on the amount of original finish remaining,and the overall condition of your rifle.

No. Also, Marlin does not sell the barrel for the 882 as a component part. The Model 17 barrel can be installed, but again finding the barrel is a problem. The existing barrel can be relined to .17HMR.

If barrel is round, it is a post-WWII Model 29. If the barrel is octagonal, and the grip is checkered, it is probably a pre-WWII Model 29. If the barrel is octagonal and the stock is plain, it is likely a Model 25. That's as close as I can get sight unseen.

I just paid 450.00 for one in used but very good condition at a gun store in pa....hope this helps.

its a gun.Your Marlin model 778 shotgun is a slide action shotgun chambered in 12ga.Magnum.It was available in barrel length,s from 38inches.It weights 7 3/4lbs. and was discontinued in the year 1984.Yours was made by Marlin sometime between 1969-1984.

Yes as long as you get one made for the Winchester model 1300 and chambered for the same length of shotgun shell that the receiver is chambered for.

Octagonal barrel could be a plethora of different guns anywhere from a rolling block to a pump. Need to identify what it is first and condition, condition, condition for values.

Value of a 1980 Winchester rifle 22 short octagonal barrel?

Well, no.... not if the receiver is chambered for 30-06.

Its probably a model 1894 & should be marked as such on the upper tang. Prior to the model 1894 Marlin made a Model 1889 in the same calibres that was not marked. But, a 1889 should only have 2 patent dates, 1887 & 1889 I believe. It is possible you have a model 1889 with a model 1894 barrel on it.

how much does it cost a 1983 marlin 38-55 hex barrel?

My Glenfield Model 25 has a micro-groove barrel,so I imagine others do as well.

Originally, the purpose of the octagon barrel was to reduce weight by removing metal from the barrel. Today, much of the reason is looks.

In this model of Winchester rifle,there is no difference in value between the round or octagon barrel.

The Marlin model 1894, chambered in .44mag, will accept all factory .44 magnum ammunition. I recommend jacketed or semi-jacketed ammo to prevent lead from fouling the barrel. Other than that, you're good with any "off the shelf" .44 magnum ammunition you choose.

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