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The Stevens model 944 was made from 1936-1942.

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Q: How old is your Stevens 410 model 944 serial?
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Who manufactured the proof tested .410 bore model 101.510130 for sears and roebuck co?

Savage did. It is a variant of the Savage-Springfield 944.

What is the value of a Stevens 944 A 20 gauge?


What is the age and value of a savage arms Springfield model 944 twenty gauge?

The Savage/Stevens model 944 was made from 1936-1942.There were 1,500 made during this time span.The value would be hard to establish without a more detailed description of your shotguns overall condition.

What does 944 VI mean?

The 944 VI is a model of chainsaw produced by the Homelite Corporation. This model was discontinued in 1974, but it is possible to find used models for sale on the internet.

What is the age and value of a Springfield Model 944 series A single shot serial p635563?

I bought one today at Cabala's in Buda TX. It was priced at $49.99 I jumped at it and did not think twice about buying it.

Value of a springfield model 944 series a 20 gauge?


Springfield Model 944 A Serial C51883 Westfield Mass It will only fire about every other 10 shells is it the firing pin spring?

Possibly, check you ejector spring. It may be seating the shell wrong.

When was the Springfield model 944 made?

According to the Blue Book, these were manufactured from 1936 to 1942.

What is 3.5 percent of 944?

3.5% of 944= 3.5% * 944= 0.035 * 944= 33.04

What is the value of a springfield model 944 12 gauge shotgun?

If its in good condition: $50-$75

What was the Original sticker price 1986 Porsche 944?

the turbo was $29,500. the 944 was just under 20k for the 1981 model, so im guessing 22-24k for the base in '86

What is 944 plus 944?


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