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The legal age in Minnesota is 18.

They just changed the law last year to 17 years old

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Can a 17 year old live on her own without parents permission?

while not recomended, it is possible for a person under 18 to aquire emancipation from his/her parents if there be juct cause or mutual consent from the parents and their ambitious offspring

If your parents are abusive can you get emancipated at 15 without their consent?

Emancipation is granted by a court, usually without regard to the desire of the parent. Emancipation IS NOT given because someone has a poor home life. That person is likely to be placed in foster care. Emancipation is granted to persons who can perform as an adult, have the capacity to care for themselves, and have a reason to be considered an adult early.

What is the difference between emancipation and emasculation?

Emancipation means to free someone, such as a slave from slavery, or a young person from being under the authority of their parents. Emasculation means to cut off the genitals of a male.

A person without parents?

Orphan, or foster child

How do you become legally emancipated in Kentucky?

Kentucky does not have an emancipation statute. A person under the age of 18 can not legally emancipate himself from his parents. But - with the parents consent and a judge's approval in court, you can become emancipated in Kentucky. Actually there r additions to KRS 405 that allow for emancipation in Kentucky:

What is the age at which a person is considered emancipted in Georgia?

{| |- | The age of majority in Georgia is 18. They do not have an emancipation act. Legally the parents are responsible until they reach that age. |}

Does Florida have emancipation laws?

Florida has emancipation laws. Emancipation means the act of removing disabilities of nonage. By emancipation, an person will be given all the rights and responsibilities of an adult.

Can a pregnant 15-year-old move out of her parents' home?

No. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a person. Until the age of 18, one is a minor and their parents have the authority to decide where the minor can/can't live. If you leave home without your parents' permission then they can have you picked up by the authorities and returned home. There are some states that allow a teenager to petition the court for emancipation (not every state has emancipation laws), however, most (I think there are 1 or 2 exceptions) require a person to be 16 in order to petition for emancipation. In order for emancipation to be granted you would have to prove, among other things, that you are capable of fully supporting yourself and your child (rent, utilities, food, etc) *without any assistance* while remaining in school. It's hard for a teenage mother to do that. Plus, keep in mind that going to school all day and then working nights and weekends, leaves little time to spend with your child.

How difficult is the process of minor emancipation?

A minor wishing to become emancipated must be self sufficient. They cannot rely on any other person to support them. They must have a job and place to live. If the parents choose to fight the emancipation, the battle can be quite long.

In the state of Louisiana can you place yourself in the custody of another adult without your parents' permision?

You can get emancipated. File at the local courthouse. * Being placed in the custody of another person and being emancipated are two different things. A minor doesn't get to decide who has custody of them. The only way a court will remove custody from your parents is if they have been proven to be unfit in some manner. As far as emancipation, in the state of Louisiana if your parents don

What are the emancipation laws in Washington State?

One of the requirements in all US states that allow the emancipation of minors is for the underage person to be able to conduct his or her personal affairs without necessity of adult intervention. Revised Code of Washington State, Chapter 13:64 Emancipation of Minors, Section .010 thru 900. Look it up.

Can a 17-year-old who is on active duty in the military get married without parental consent?

Yes, active duty in the military automatically confers emancipation rights to a minor. If, however, the military person is planning to marry a minor, said minor will need the consent of his or her parents or guardian.

Where find the act of emacipation of california?

EmancipationAs children enter their teen years and gain more independence from parents, both may have questions regarding the process, legal requirements and consequences of emancipation.Emancipation is a legal way for children to become adults before they turn eighteen. Under California law, a minor may be emancipated by a court declaration of emancipation under the Emancipation of Minors Law , which provides that a person is an emancipated minor if they fulfill one of these three categories:The minor has gotten married with permission from parents and the court.The minor has joined the armed forces with permission from parents.The minor has received a declaration of emancipation from a judge.California law states in order to get a declaration of emancipation from a judge, the minor have to prove ALL of the following criteria. The minor must be at least 14 years old, the minor must not want live with their parents and the parents do not mind if the minor moves out, the minor can handle their own money, the minor is employed and has a legal way to make money.Once a minor is emancipated, his or her parents don't have custody or control of him or her anymore and they can do some things without parental permission, including: get medical care, apply for a work permit, and sign up for school or college. However, an emancipated minor must go to school, must get parental permission before getting married, and will go to juvenile court if they break the law. For more general information on emancipation,contact the Judicial Council of California.

Hawaii law age 16 can live with 22 year old person without parents consent?

No in Hawaii a 16 year old minor can not stay with a 22 adult without parents consent.

Can a under age person in RI get emancipation?

If you can show abuse or neglect, th Family Court may make provisions for emancipation.

Can you get a tattoo at age 16 in Louisiana?

It is unlawful for any person to tattoo any other person under the age of eighteen without the consent of the parents of such person in Louisana.

Is age of consent with or without parents knowing?

does not matter, it's that you consent to having sex with another person

Can a 16 year old mother be considered an adult and does she have rights over her person or do her parents still have rights to make medical decisions for her?

Medical emancipation for herself and her child is the only emancipation a minor mother get when having a child. So you decide over that but you are not considered an adult when it comes to other things.

What happens to the person that takes in a minor without the minors parernts permission?

A person who takes in a minor with the parents' permission may face criminal charges. It is best to call the parents or the police if the minor refuses to leave.

Can a spouse get a divorce in Minnesota without your consent?

Yes. A person does not need their spouse's consent to get a divorce in any state of the US. Without consent, the divorce may take longer, but in the end it will be granted.

Who was there when Abe signed the emancipation proclamation?

President Abraham Lincoln was most likely the onley person in the Oval Office when he signed the Emancipation proclomation.

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