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How old must a teenager be to legally move out of their parents home in Connecticut?


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Legally a teenager under the age of 18 cannot move out of their parents home in Florida. This law applies even if the teenager has a child of their own and you would have to have permission from your parents.

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18. It doesn't matter if you are a guy or a girl the age is the same for both.

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No, a 17 year old teenager can not legally leave home in the state of Kansas. When the teen turns 18, they may leave the parents home.

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I think that a teenager with 17 years of age should leave his/her home when they are legally married, because i think that the home of his/her parents is a home of safety and because there are rules that should be completed. And because his/her parents are going to be the best friends they are ever going to have. And the parents will also want everything good for their daughter/son.

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You can legally move out of your parents' home when you are no longer a minor. In Utah, that is 18.

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