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A baby must at least up to 18years old before he or she can travel because he or she will by this period know some better things to do and what that are not better to do.

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Q: How old should a baby be to travel?
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Can your 3 month baby travel to dominican republic without passport?

No, your baby can't. Nobody can travel without a passport, and it makes no difference how old he is, or the destination.

How much ounce of formula should a baby three months old should be getting?

A baby three months old should be getting fed breast milk as it is better for your baby. It has all of the nutrients and vitamins a baby needs. A baby should get about 4 ounces of formula.

When do babies have to get a passport?

If you would like your baby to travel with you especially an international passport then you should get him/her a passport for the travel.

How old should your baby be before introducing baby food?

6 months

How old should a baby be when you send out announcements?

Your baby should not be more than 3 months old when sending out your Birth announcements. Thank You,

How old should you take baby rabbits away from their mum?

the baby rabbit should be at least 6 weeks old be four u take it from the mom

How do you feed a baby rat?

That depends on how old the baby rat is, if it is less than a month old, you should feed it pet baby rat food.

Should a 7 month old baby be placed in an incubator after delivery?

Does it matter? the baby is already 7 months old!

Should a twelve year old keep her baby?


How much should a 6 week old baby eat?

A 6 week old baby should not eat a lot of food. They should eat about half of their handful a few times a day.

How old a baby should be when you start giving them juice?

11 months old.

How old should babies be when they start with baby foods?

6 months old

How much should I charge to care for a 7 month old baby?

It depends on the baby-sitter and if he/she is good to the baby or not!

How old should you be to baby sit a 5 year old?

you should be at least 7 years old to babysit a 5 year old is my opinion.

How old do baby hamsters have to be before you can sell them?

A baby hamster should be at least 6-8 weeks old before you sell them.

What to feed a 1 week old baby rabbit?

its mother should be feeding and watching the baby until it it seven months old.

How old does a penguin have to be travel to the ocean?

age should have to restrictions

Do children under five years old need a passport to travel to Spain?

passport is very important! no matter how old is the baby.

How old is your baby?

I do not have baby. Maybe you should use WikiAnswers for more specific and serious questions.

Can a healthy year old woman have a baby?

A health year old woman should not have children. As a matter of fact at a year old she is still a baby and should not engage in sexual intercourse for another 17+ years.

What should a fourteen week old baby be doing?


How much should a baby weigh at 4 months?

The general rule of thumb is that a baby should weigh double their birth weight by the time they are 4 month old. So, if your baby was 7 lbs. at birth, he or she should be 14 lbs. at 4 months old.

Does a nine year old have any more baby teeth?

A nine year old should still have some baby teeth present.

Average height of a 6 month old baby?

the average height should be 26 inches long of 6 months old baby

How old should a baby be before they can go in a baby swing?

Some baby swings are suitable to use from birth so there should be no problem finding a swing suitable for a nine month old baby. You should check the product details before buying as you might find the swing might be too small.