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I'm not to sure,depends on if you have orpahned mice or mice with it's mother. I am taking care of 1 orphaned baby mouse now. I just set him on paper toweles and a sock to keep him warm. I am just changeing the papertoweles every other day. He's about six days old and hes doing great. If you have baby mice with its mother that hasent opened their eyes yet or JUST opened them, I wouldent mess with them. I'm not a professional so don't take my advise if you don't think I'm correct.

AnswerWait until you know the babies are a week old. And even then, avoid the mother's nest area and only clean the rest of the cage, leaving the nest undisturbed.

for sure you should not even consider cleaning a cage with baby mice until they are beginning to move around the cage on their own about 4-5 weeks of age. I am a long long time mouse and rat owner.

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Q: How old should baby mice be before you clean their cage?
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