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kindergarten is usually at the age of 5 or 6


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People who whanted to attend the first public school. LOL

Its A public school anyone can attend

No, Harry did no attend public school. A public school in the UK (which is where the books are set) is a school that the pupils have payed to attend. A state school is a school funded by the government. As Harry does not pay to attend Hogwarts we can presume is funded by the Ministry of Magic. So by UK definition it is a state school.

The United States president that was first to attend public school was George Washington. He was the first president and the first to attend a public school. He attended The College of William and Mary.

it depends on the school and the felony

Public colleges and universities do.

So that everyone is welcome to attend to the school.

You can be a freshman.

you have to be 5 or older to attend.

Blackwood Primary School. This is a school in Englands public school system.

The Real Cost Of Public Schools

The oldest person to attend school was (95 Years Old)

They attend a Private school in New York - Friends Seminary

Currently Jordan Doesn't attend a public school , but he does schooling Online , but he still has to do assessments and homework :)

Yes, children can for sure attend public school even if they are autistic. It will help to have the support of the school though because an autistic child needs special attention.

You don't have to pay to attend public school in Spain.

No, Justin Timberlake did not attend a public high school. However, in his senior high school years he was home schooled.

it's a public school =)_______Correct Answer: Rugby

It is a proven law that in order to be eligible to attend a date with your high school teacher you would have to be of the age of 18. If you do attend a date with your teacher it must be in a public area.

They attend Sidwell Friends, a Quaker school in DC.

Jackie Chan attended the Nan Hua Primary School in Hong Kong which was a public or government school. (In some countries 'public school' means 'private')

Besuki Public School in Indonesia and St. Francis of Assisi School.

more people go to public than private or cathloic =]

Yes, however, in order to do that, you must undergo a series of signed permissions to let your child attend a different school.

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