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she stared singing from age 6 and acting at 17 years old

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Q: How old was Ariana Grande when she started in acting and singing?
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Why is ariana grande famous?

Ariana Grande is famous because of her singing and acting career.cause she is

Why is ariana Grandes famous?

Ariana Grande is famous because of her singing and acting career.cause she is

How old was Ariana Grande when she started acting?

she started acting when she was like 8 in a community theater in her hometown Boca Raton florida

What acting class did Ariana Grande attend?

Ariana grande I no she is on Victorias she has bin acting sens she was little were you may ask? Well I don't no.

Did Ariana Grande take acting lessons?


When did Ariana Grande start acting?

When she was around 14.

What are Ariana Grenade's hobbies?

singing, acting, hiking

Why did Ariana Grande become a actress?

Ariana has said that the reason she started acting (for Nickelodeon) was to use it as a platform to get a record contract. That may have also been her intention when she started on Broadway, but she hasn't voiced that.

When did Ariana Grande start taking acting classes?

when she was about 13 or 14

Why did Sam and cat end?

The show Sam and Cat ended because Ariana Grande is now singing and does not have time for acting. The show only played one season.

How old was adrina grande when she started acting?

around 16

When was Ozzy Osbourne popular?

When he started singing and acting

How did Selena get started with Disney?

she was on barney then started singing so she ended up acting more and she is still singing

What kinds of awards have Ariana Grande win?

Ariana Grande has won awards for acting and singing. In 2008, won the National Youth Theatre Association Awards for Best Actress (13). In 2012, she won the Hollywood Teen TV Awards for Favorite Television Actress (Victorious). In 2013, she won Billboard Mid-Year Music Awards for Best Newcomer.

What age did Miley Cyrus start sing acting?

Miley started singing at about 3 but she started professionally singing at 11.

How did Selena start her singing career?

well she started acting first,then she moved on to a singing career

Did Hilary Duff start singing or acting first?

Hilary Duff started off acting. She eventually slowly progressed into her singing career.

What does Ariana Grande like?

She likes sushi, ermm her favourite colour is purple. She likes her old hair better than her red velvet hair. Ariana Grande Rocks.She likes a lot of things. She likes music, singing, acting, playing her wii, dressing up like a pin up girl, eating strawberries, romance (she is a hopeless romantic), and her family, friends, and fans.

How old was Selena Gomez when she started in acting and singing?

like when she was 3

How did Demi Lovato get into singing?

Demi started her singing career with Disney, starring in "Camp Rock" but, her acting career started with "As The Bell Rings"

When did Elvis start acting and singing?

He started singing in 2002 with his debut album called "Cheese tastes good"

How old was selena gomez when she started acting and singing?

7 years old

How old did Nikki Webster started singing?

She was five when she started singing, dancing and acting lessons and doing musical theater. She signed her recording contract at 13.

Is Juilliard a singing and acting school?

Yes. Juilliard is an acting and singing school.

Who is better at acting and singing miley or Selena?

they both are good at singing and acting