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Curiously enough, The Bible doesn't mention the precise age. Luke's gospel says that Jesus was baptized at the age of 30, and various historical documents indicate that He was crucified about 3 years later, giving the traditionally known age of 33.

To calculate the age of Jesus when He died we firstly need to clarify as much as possible about the time of his birth. The census mentioned in Luke 2 fixes Jesus' birth as an obvious starting point prior to the death in 4 BC of Herod the Great. The information in the link below helps resolve an apparent discrepancy between Luke mentioning that Cyrenius was Governor of Syria at this time and Josephus' mentioning this as being 6 AD. We now know that this was his second term and so there is no discrepancy. This would make a difference of around ten years in calculating Jesus' age at death.

The traditional age of around 33 years, as mentioned above, would therefore require a date of death in 29 AD.

The year that Jesus died is known. He died in the year 33. In fact, not only is the year known, the exact date of Nisan 14, 33 is when he died. Nisan was a month on the Jewish Lunar calender that corresponds to late March and early April on our calender. This would also correspond with his death on the cross at what we now commemorate as Easter.

Here we must remember that even though Jesus lived 33-odd years on earth, He is ageless.
Some scholars believe he was in his early 30's. There is no true answer, only speculation because the bible does not talk about him growing up as much as it describes his ministry.

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Q: How old was Jesus when He died?
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Peter was 64 when Jesus died

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Jesus was about 33 years old when he died.

How old was Jesus when Herod died?

Jesus was probably born in 6 BC. King Herod died in 4 BC. Jesus was probably 2 years old.

When did Jesus dided?

Jesus was crucified and died when he was about 33 years old.

In what year did JESUS DIE-?

We started to count the years from the birth of JESUS and when JESUS died,He was 33 years old and then we can say that He died in the year 33 of our actual calendar...

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When Jesus died on the cross, he was 33

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Yes, Jesus died at 33 years old when He was crucified.

Hw old was Jesus at Easter?

Jesus died and rose at around thirty-three.

What was the age of Jesus when he died on the cross?

Jesus was approximately 37 years old.

Was Jesus in the Old Testament pronounced like Jesus Christ?

Jesus died for those He chose before the foundation of the world.

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The old testament is all what happened before the coming of Jesus, the new testament is after jesus came and died.

How old is Jesus during crucifixion?

Most theologians believe that Jesus was approximately 33 when he died on the cross

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It is usually accepted by theologians and Christians that Jesus was in his early thirties when he was crucified and resurrected. A rough number can be 33 when he died.

How old was Jesus when he began preaching?

He was 30 years old. 3 years before he died

In what book of the Bible does it tell how old Jesus was when he died?

The Bible never says exactly how old Jesus was when he died. However, if you study Jewish culture at the time, you will find that men could only be a rabbi (or teacher) if they were thirty years old. Add that to the number of Passover feasts he observed (they happened once a year every year) and you will find that Jesus died when he was about thirty-three years old.

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The old testament is about the times before the coming of Jesus. the new Testament is the records of after Jesus came and died.

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According to the Bible he was thirty-three and half years old!

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Paul the Apostle died while in his late 50's or early 60's, about twice as old as Jesus when He died.

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3 days after he died, Jesus is said to have been resurrected into heaven. Jesus died on good Friday and was resurrected on Easter Sunday. Theologians say Jesus would've been around 31 years old when he was crucified.

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