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he was 15 and the kids mother was 14

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Is lil chukee lil Wayne son?

No, Lil Wayne has one 9 or 10 year old daughter.

How old is lil Wayne dauter?

Lil's Wayne daughter is 9.245879214657995421654 years old

When was lilwayne daughter born?

when was lil Wayne daughter born and how old she is

How old is Lil Wayne older daughter?


How old is lil Wayne daughter 2012?


What happen to Lil Wayne daughter?

what happen to lil Wayne daughter she lives with her mother

How old was Lil Wayne when he had his daughter Reginae Carter?


When did Lil Wayne daughter die?

lil Wayne daughter died the 8/11/08 lil Wayne is no good i betwrong lil Wayne daughter did not die, if she did she wont be part of omg girls get your facts rite ppl

How old are Lil Wayne' kids?

his daughter is 4 and his son is 2

When Lil Wayne's daughter died how Lil Wayne felt?

his daughter did not die

How old was Lil Wayne ex wife when she had Lil Wayne daughter?

She was 14. - she was actually preqnant at 13 bt had it by 14 :) she claims she lost her virqinity to him :(

Did Lil Wayne daughter died in a car crash?

hello did lil Wayne is alive

Does Lil Wayne have a doughter?

Lil Wayne does have a daughter. His daughters name is Falesha Carter.

Lil Wayne how old is he?

lil wayne is 29 years old

Does Lil Wayne have a daughter?


Did Lil Wayne kill his daughter?


What is the moral of the song how to love by lil Wayne?

lil wayne is talking about his daughter in how to love i love that song from:1# lil wayne fan

Lil Wayne how is old he?

Lil Wayne is 23.

Is Lil Wayne daughter dead?

H3ll Nawl Nicca If she die LIL Wayne Die !!!!

Is lil Wayne marid?

Lil Wayne is not currently married. He was married to Antonia Carter. He has a daughter with her

How old is did Lil Wayne?

lil Wayne is twenty-six years old.

How old is lil Wayne 2013?

lil wayne is 30 years old 2013

Is reginae Lil Wayne daughter dead?


How do Lil Wayne daughter look?

They are beautiful. (:

Who Lil Wayne daughter mom is?


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