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Monroe was 21 years old when she first started acting

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How much did Marilyn Monroe weigh when she first started her career?


How was Marilyn Monroe first introduced into star business?

She started out by modelling and then moved onto acting

Who was playboys first centrefold model?

Marilyn Monroe.

Who is Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) was an actress, model , the first Playboy Playmate, and the most beautiful actress of all time.

When did Marilyn Monroe make her first movie?

Marilyn Monroe's First Movie Was "The Shocking Miss Pilgrim" Which Debuted In 1947

Was Marilyn Monroe a Christian?

First: yes. Then she converted to Jewish

What did Marilyn Monroe do in the 60's?

She was in the first Playboy

What was the first magazine Marilyn Monroe appeared on the cover?


How is Marilyn Monroe significant in history?

Marilyn was a huge part of the sexual revolution that started in 1954 with the first issue of Playboy magazine, Marilyn's nude picture was purchased by Hugh Hefner to be used as his first Playmate.. Marilyn was a huge part of the sexual revolution that started in 1954 with the first issue of Playboy magazine, Marilyn's nude picture was purchased by Hugh Hefner to be used as his first Playmate..

What where Marilyn Monroe achievements?

Marilyn Monroe had many achievements in her life. First of all, she grew up in poverty and neglect and she survived that. She was in multiple movies like Some Like It Hot, Let's Make Love and The Seven Year Itch. Later started her own company; Marilyn Monroe Productions. She was a strong, independent woman that is still a big icon to women all around the world.

When did Marilyn Monroe begin acting?

Marilyns first movie was in 1947

What year did Marilyn Monroe act?

Marilyn Monroe was signed by a studio in 1946,her first screen kiss was from Rand Brooks in the 1948 movie,"Ladies in the Chorus" in which her mother was played by Adele Jergens only 9 years older than her at the time. Her career lasted 16 years and she was a real Movie Star.

Castroville's first Artichoke Queen went on to become actress?

marilyn monroe

What was Marilyn Monroe first song?

Diamonds are a girls best friend I think.

What magazine did Marilyn Monroe appear on the cover of the first issue of?

vanity fair

What was the title of Marilyn Monroes first movie?

The first movie Marilyn Monroe was featured in is 'The Shocking Miss Pilgrim', in which she played an uncredited role as a telephone operator.

Are Marilyn Manson and Charles Manson related?

No, he has put Marilyn Monroe (using first name) and the second part of Charles Manson to put together 'Marilyn Manson'.

Did Marilyn Monroe have a twin brother?

Marilyn Monroe had two half-siblings from her mother's first marriage, a brother and a sister. Her half-brother died young, but in her late teens, Marilyn met her half-sister, Berniece Miracle. Marilyn had no other siblings beside her half-siblings.

Picture of Marilyn Monroe taken in Korea at an army base in a jeep what would the value of this picture be today?

Here two things will count, first it is Marilyn Monroe in a the army jeep in S Korea. So because of the memory of the Korean war and Marilyn Monroe the price would be a good one.

How old was Marilyn Monroe when she had her first kid?

Marilyn Monroe did not have any children. Marilyn had two miscarriages during her life with Arthur Miller, but never had children. It was probably the hardest thing she had to deal with, since she wanted and needed children so badly.

Why marylin Manson choose Manson for his stage name?

Marilyn is taken from Marilyn Monroe and Manson from Charles Manson. when the band started all the members took their first names from female sex symbols and their last names from serial killers.

What was the first orphanage that Marilyn Monroe went to?

An orphanage called 'Hollygrove' i think, in LA.

What were some special events Marilyn Monroe was in?

one was her first movie ''The shocking pilgrim''.

What movie was Marilyn Monroe in?

Marilyn Monroe's first movie role was an uncredited role as a telephone operator in The Shocking Miss Pilgrim in 1947.

Who was on playboys first cover?

The first issue of Playboy magazine came out in December of 1953 with Marilyn Monroe on the cover.