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In 1982, Michael Jackson was 24 years old. Michael Jackson died at the age of 50 in the year of 2009.


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On August 29th 2012 Michael Jackson will be 54 years old.

Michael Jackson was turning 25 that year so he was 24

Micheal Jackson was 12 years old.

Michael Jackson was singing in the year 1964 Michael Joseph Jackson was born in 1958 but started singing in 1963 when he was 5 years old

That was the year he turned 40.

Michael Jackson separated from the band when he was 19 year old until he passed away.

Thriller by Michael Jackson was released on November 30, 1982 and was recorded from April 4 1982 through November 8 1982.

Michael would be 51 years old now, he was 50 when he died.

Michael was about 25 when he made songs with Paul McCartney (1982/83)

Michael Jackson was 30 years old...

The 10-year-old Michael Jackson sang Smokey Robinson's "Who's Loving You?"

at the age of 5 years old young Michael Jackson began his 45 year singing career

He was born in 1958 so he turned 14 that year.

76 years from the year of 2009

Michael Jackson was 23 years old when he wrote one of his hit songs "Billie Jean."He was 24 when it appeared on the Thriller album (1982) and became a hit single (1983).

Katherine was 28 years old when Michael was born.

Michael Jackson will 129 years old.

He started dancing around 5 years old. That year is 1963

Michael Jackson was born in 1958, therefore he was 33 years old.

Michael Jackson had his first son Prince Michael Jackson Jr. when he had 39.

A a four year old child in the Jackson 5

if he was born in 1958 it would be 1963

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