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Bonanza (TV Series)

How old was Michael Landon in Bonanza?

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In 1959 when the series began Landon was 23 years old.

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How old was Michael landon when he died?

Michael Landon was 51 years old as he died because of cancer.

Where is Michael Landon laid to rest from the TV show Bonanza?

Actor Michael Landon was laid to rest at the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery and Mortuary. Hillside is a Jewish cemetery.

Which westend tv series was Michael landon in?

The name of the Western TV series that Michael Landon was in is Bonanza. He played the character of Little Joe in 427 episodes of the show from 1959 to 1973.

Did Little Joe Cartwright die on Bonanza?

The character Little Joe Cartwright played by Michael Landon did not die. But the actor Landon died of pancreatic cancer.

How old is Michael Landon?

Michael Landon was born on October 31, 1936 and died on July 1, 1991. Michael Landon would have been 54 years old at the time of death or 78 years old today.

How old was Michael Landon at death?

Michael Landon died on July 1, 1991 at the age of 54.

What movies has Michael Landon starred in?

Michael Landon was well known for his roles in the TV series "Little House on the Prairie", and also "Bonanza". But one would also find that Michael Landon starred in some movies which included "The Loneliest Runner", and also the movie "Sam's Son".

How did each of the characters in bonanza die?

Lorne green died heart attack michael landon cancer bladder dan blocker heart attack pernall roberts old age

What were the names of the cast in the tv series bonanza?

Lorne Green. Pernell Roberts. Dan Blocker. Michael Landon. David Canary.

On the TV show Bonanza who didn't wear a toupee?

Michael Landon did not wear a toupee. He had a full head of his own natural hair.

What actor played the youngest son of Ben Cartwright of the Bonanza series on TV?

The youngest Cartwright was played by the actor Michael Landon.

Is Michael landon alive?

No, he died in 91'. Rip Michael Landon.

How tall was Michael Landon supposed to be?

Michael Landon said that he was 5'9"

Did Pernell Roberts wear a toupee?

Of course as Adam Cartwright in Bonanza, Lorne and Dan too Only Michael Landon had many hair !!!! Cristina

When was Michael Landon born?

Michael Landon was born on October 31, 1936.

What year did Micheal Landon start in Bonanza?

Landon was present for the entire 14 seasons which ran from September of 1959 to January of 1973.

When did Michael Landon die?

Michael Landon died on July 1, 1991 at the age of 54.

What were the names of the horses on bonanza?

Lorne Greene rode Buck Pernell Roberts rode Sport Dan Blocker rode Chub Michael Landon rode Cochise

When was the first sitcom in color to air on tv?

Bonanza. The Ponderosa (The Big One) was the name of the ranch. The series starred: Lorne Green, Dan Blocker, and Michael Landon.

What are the names of actors who played the sons on Bonanza?

Adam Cartwright was played by Pernell Roberts, Hoss was played by Dan Blocker and Little Joe was played by Michael Landon.

How did Little Joe of Bonanza die?

Actor Michael Landon who played Little Joe Cartwright for 14 seasons died on July 1, 1991 of pancreatic cancer.

Who were the actors on bonanza?

Ben Cartwright- Lorne Green Adam Cartwright- Pernell Robrts Hoss Cartwright- Dan Blocker Little Joe Cartwright- Michael Landon

Who appeared in TV show Bonanza?

The regular actors were Lorne Greene as Ben, Pernell Roberts as Adam, Dan Blocker as Hoss and Michael Landon as Little Joe.

What Michael Landon Get cancer From?

Michael Landon had pancreatic cancer which cost him his life July 1, 1991 .

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