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He was 19 when he first boxed professionaly.

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Who knocked out Mike Tyson for the first time?

Buster Douglass knocked Mike Tyson out for the first time. Buster Douglass knocked Mike Tyson out for the first time.

Mike Tyson come back to boxing?

Yes Mike Tyson came back to box after spending a time out .

What was the record for Mike Tyson when he had his 1st lost?

Tyson was 37 - 0 (33 ko's) before he fought Douglas in 1990, losing for the first time as a pro.

When did Mike Tyson start boxing?

Mike Tyson started boxing when he was 12 years old. There was a 18 year old bully that was giving him a hard time.

Who is the youngest heavyweight champ boxer of all time?

Mike Tyson

How many fights did it take to knock Mike Tyson down?

The first time Mike Tyson was knocked down was in his 38th professional bout against James 'Buster' Douglas on February 11th 1990, with the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world on the line. Tyson was counted out by the referee when Douglas knocked him down for the first time in his career in the 10th round, despite Douglas being dropped in the 8th round.

Most watched boxing match of all time.?

Mike Tyson vs

Who won the most boxing title match of all time?

mike Tyson

How old was Mike Tyson when he won the heavyweight belt for the first time?

he was 20 when he beat trevor berbick in nov '86 for the wbc belt.

Who would win in a fight between Kimbo Slice and Mike Tyson?

Hmmm Mike Tyson during his prime would beat Kimbo, but at this time Kimbo would beat Mike due to Tyson's old age and being out of shape.

Why is Mike Tyson worth knowing about?

He is known as one of the best boxers of his time. That's why.

Where did the fight between James 'Buster' Douglas and Mike Tyson take place?

The fight between James 'Buster' Douglas and Mike Tyson took place on February 11th 1990 in the Tokyo Doem, Tokyo Japan. Douglas caused what could be described as the biggest boxing upset of all time when he knocked Tyson down in the 10th round for the first time in his career in his 39th professional bout. Tyson was counted out by the referee, resulting in his first professional loss and Douglas being crowned the new undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

Who is the youngest world boxing champion of all time?

Mike Tyson 20 years old.

Did frank Bruno beat Mike Tyson?

No, Mike Tyson beat Frank Bruno twice. Once in 1989 when Mike Tyson was defending his title - he won via TKO in round 5 after battering Bruno againts the ropes with a series of vicious punches. He beat him again in 1996, this time Bruno was defending his WBC world title. Mike won via 3rd round TKO in a very similar fashion to the first fight - with Bruno againts the ropes getting punched out.

Is Mike Tyson married?

he got married for a third time in June 2009, a week after the death of his daughter.

Who knocked Mike Tyson down for the first time?

in the pro ring, buster douglas. in the gym, i believe it was greg page. lol @ greg page it was OLIVER McCall lol

Who is the highest paid boxers of all time?

Oscar de la hoya $340million+ Mike Tyson $312million+

How many times did frank Bruno and Mike Tyson fight?

Twice Once in 1989 and 2nd time in 1996

Who is the three time heavyweight boxing champion?

muhamad ali mike tyson lenox lewis evander holyfield

What actors and actresses appeared in Cain Time Live - 2012?

The cast of Cain Time Live - 2012 includes: Mike Tyson as Herman Cain

What year did Muhammad Ali box Joe Frazier for the first time?

Muhammad Ali first boxed Joe Fazier in 1971

What Mike Tyson get paid a fight?

He got paid $23 million for the M Spinks fight, 10 million for the Tony Tubbs Fight, and somewhere in between for most of his championship fights first time around.

Jet Li vs Mike Tyson?

A contributors opinion * Mike Tyson wins in every conceivable situation one hundred percent of the time. Another contributors opinion * jet li is quite possobly the most deadly martial artist living today. he would win hands down

Who would win Mike Tyson or kimbo slice?

mike tyson...........kimbo slice would whoop him---I don't see Kimbo Slice beating Mike Tyson. Although Slice did train in MMA, he was pretty lousy at it and his street fights are all pure boxing based fights. Tyson was on of the best heavyweight boxers of all time, and the youngest champion (beating Trevor Berbick for the HW championship at age 20.) Tyson had great speed and cardio but some of his best strengths were his phenomenal power and head movement known to as "bobbing and weaving" you sometimes see Slice doing in fights.I also think Mike Tyson in his prime would stand a better chance in an MMA bout than an MMA fighter would in a boxing bout against him.Read more: Would_kimbo_slice_beat_Mike_Tyson_in_a_fight

Why did Mike Tyson not go back to the ring after his last TKO loss?

Because he said himself that if a guy of Danny Williams' calibre could beat him, it was time to get out.

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