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Maybe, zero?

Answer 2: The above would be the logical answer.
But! The Greek gods were born fully grown and mature, some were pictured to be older than others. Zeus and Poseidon were usually depicted as middle-aged with beards, others youthful. Eros never left childhood.
But in no case is their age specified.
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Was Poseidon born before hades?

No, Hades was born before Poseidon.

Where were Zeus Poseidon and hades born?

where were Zeus, Poseidon and Hades born

What is the age of Poseidon?

Poseidon has no age he is eternal.he is millions of years old.

Was Poseidon born in a special way?

Poseidon was regurgitated by his father,Cronus.That's how he was born,if you call that special.Yuck.=(

Where was Poseidon raised?

Poseidon was raised in a land far from his father, who again was fed a rock when Poseidon was born

Where was Poseidon born at?


Was Poseidon born?

Yes he was born of Cronus and Rhea.

How did Poseidon get his powers?

he was probably born with it!

Why is Poseidon god of the seas?

He was born it.

What does mean by Poseidon?

The name "Poseidon" means "Husband of Earth"~an eleven year old mythology wiz

When was Poseidon born?

Poseidon was born from Kronos the lord of the titans, back in the days when the titans ruled the earth, this was the era known as the golden age.

Birthplace of Poseidon?

Poseidon is the God of the ocean. Though he was born on Mount Olympus like all the Gods where.

Was Zeus the first brother of Poseidon and hades?

Zeus was last born, Hades first, and Poseidon second.

How old was Poseidon?

He is around 1629 years old now, there is not record of him dying.

How old is Poseidon god of the sea?

No one knows: he's too old)

Does the gods like zeus poseidon exist back in the old days?

No the gods like Zeus Poseidon does not exist in the old day because he is basically a mythological god.

Who was born first Zeus or Poseidon?


Was Zeus or Poseiden born first?


What was the day Poseidon was born?

No-one knows.

What country was Poseidon the Greek god born?

Poseidon was not born in a certain country, although he is the son of Kronos and Rhea, god of the sea and aquatic life.

How old was Poseidon when he died?

Yeah he was a failry important Greek God. He was immortal... He didn't die. There is no record of Poseidon dying.

Would Poseidon take an 11 year old kid as a host?

Poseidon does not need a host. He is a Greek god, not a demon.

What year was Poseidon born in?

posiendon was born around 1900 bc

When was Poseidon born and when did he die?

Poseidon did not die; his father is the Titan god of time, so his birthday is a mystery of myth.

How old is Poseidon?

Poseidon died then relived.Answer 2.The above is not according to the ancient texts.However the Greek gods had no definite age.

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