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Q: How old was Tchaikovsky when he started composing?
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Related questions

Why is tchaikovsky famous?

for composing

How old was Mozart when he started composing?

Mozart was 5 when he started composing

What was Tchaikovsky famous for?

Music and composing.

How old was Beethoven when he started composing?

Beethoven was 9 years old when he started to compose.

How old was Schubert when he started composing?


How old was Debussy when he started composing?

In about 1890, when he was 28.

Did peter Tchaikovsky have any other job other than composing?


How old was Kabalesky when he started composing?

around 10 or 11.

When did haydn start composing?

Franz Joseph Haydn started his music training when he was six years old. He started composing in 1753 with the opera Der krumme Teufel.

When did Felix mendelssohn start composing?

20 yrs oldthat'swhen he started composing

When did tchaikovsky start composing?

He decided on pursuing a career in music when he was twenty-three.

How old was beethoven when he started composing music?

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How old was Mozart when he first started composing?

5... he was a bit of a legend.

What age was Mozart when he started composing music?

Mozart was 6 yrs old

When did Pyotr Tchaikovsky start composing?

At approximate age 25, following graduation from a conservatory near where he lived.

When did beethoven start composing?

he started composing at like age 7.5.

What works did Tchaikovsky compose?

Tchaikovsky is a famous composer from the romantic era and he is rather famous for composing the music from the Nutcracker, which is also not copyrighted. This is why you hear alot of music from the Nutcracker in shopping centres and on advertisements around Christmas time.

When did lady gaga start composing her music?

She started composing it when she was 18 x

How old was Johann Bach when he first composed music?

He started serious composing since 1703 as a church organist.

How old was Kabalevsky when he began to study the piano?

Kabalevsky was 14 (1918) when he started studying piano at the Scriabin Music School. He started composing at the age of 18.

How old was Tchaikovsky when he started playing music?

At age six he began writing verses in French and began piano lessons

Who composed the Nutcraker?

The Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) wrote The Nutcracker. He is also known for composing the 1812 Overture.

In addition to composing Tchaikovsky was also a successful a orchestra conductor b ballet dancer c opera singer or d violinist?


How old was Tchaikovsky when he learned how to play the piano?

Tchaikovsky was 6 when he learned

What age was sergei prokofiev when he started to compose?

Sergey Prokofiev was five years old when he began composing, with a song called "Indian Galop."