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How old was the US in 1876?

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The United States became a country in 1776; therefore, it was 100 years old in 1876.

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How old is Colorado?

It became a US State in 1876.

How old was in US in 1876?

The US Constitution was signed in 1776 ... We celebrated our 200th year as a country in 1976 ... Figure out the math ... and do your own homework :-) ! Or 100 years old.

What is the value of an 1876 US nickel?

No 5 cent coins were struck in 1876.

When was Colorado admitted to the US?

1876 == ==

How old was the united states in 1876?

100 years old

What year did Colorado join the US?


Where did the Communist Party US Originate?


In what year did Colorado enter the US?

In 1876.

In what year was Colorado added to the US?


When did US receive statue of liberty?


When was Old Times on the Mississippi created?

Old Times on the Mississippi was created in 1876.

How old is ward and son double barrel?


What politician was given the honor of opening the US Centennial Fair in 1876?

Philadelphia is the politician that was given the honor of opening the US Centennial Fair. This happen in the year 1876.

When did Heinz ketchup come to the US?

1876.......... NOPE hahah yeah it was in 1876 Heinz came out with the Ketchup"Heinz Ketchup"..

When was Old Carthusians F.C. created?

Old Carthusians F.C. was created in 1876.

Who was president of US when Alexander Graham Bell developed the telephone in 1876?

Ulysses S. Grant was President of the United States in 1876.

What does us trade dollar 1876 weigh?

420 grains

When was the first telephone invented in the US?

In March 10 1876

When did Colorado become part of the US?

It became the 38th US State on 1 August 1876.

What year did the US enact quotas to reduce the number of foreign people immigrating to the US?


Was the telephone invented before the printing press?

No Way! The printing press is very old. It was invented by Gutenberg in the mid 1400's. The telephone was patented in the US in 1876.

How old are telephones?

The telephone was invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell.

How old is Falkirk FC?

Falkirk Football Club was founded in 1876.

When did the US start celebrating Veterans Day?

November 11, 1876

What US General was killed at Little Big Horn in 1876?