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How old was you when you becom a actor?

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How do you becom famous actor on Disney?

well you have to be an really great actor if not u will have to sell your soul to get on da show and if you dont do tht they wont take u

What year did London becom independent?

it becom indipendent in 1964

How old do you have to be an actor?

You can be any age to be an actor.

how old is the actor that played carly shay?

she is 27 years old!

Why do old wineskin burst when you put in new wine?

because old wineskins go thru a fermenting process when they are first filled and then they becom hardned

How old would someone be if they were born in 1982?

Most likely 26. Possibly 27. Perhaps you should becom aquainted with subraction. Most likely 26. Possibly 27. Perhaps you should becom aquainted with subraction. 27 duhhhhhhhhhh

What are the release dates for The Old Actor - 1908?

The Old Actor - 1908 was released on: USA:June 1908

How old is Bollywood actor Ranjeet?

real age of ranjit actor

How old was William Shakespeare when he became a actor?

William Shakespeare was about 25-30 years old when he became an actor.

When did Jackie becom famous?

Jackie who?

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to becom hero

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go to univirsity

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i love this.

How old is the youngest actor?

3 years old

How old do you have to be to be a actor?

i want to know can you be an actor at 11 years oldyou can be an actor at any age you want there are actors that are like 3 so any age. I'm going to become an actor myself i hope.

How old was Jackie Chan when he first became an actor?

Jackie Chan became a child actor at 8 years old.

How old is Will Shadley?

Actor and voice actor William "Will" Shadley is 18 years old (born October 6, 1999).

How can a 9 year old be a actor?

yes, any age can be an actor or actress ! :)

How old is actor jimmy walker?

64 years old

How old is actor Alan parnaby?

56 years old

How old is the actor ski Jackson?

she is 12 years old

How old is Kakashi's actor?


How old is Edmund pevensie?

He was ten years old in the first book. The actor, Skandar Keynes, was 12 years old in the first movie. In 2010 the actor is 19 years old.

When did Hitler becom leader of Germany?


What year did Hawaii becom a state?

In 1959.