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There has not been a U.S President that served in Vietnam.

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How many troops did both sides have?

The United States had 500,000 servicemen "in country" in the Republic of South Vietnam at it's peak strength during the Vietnam War. 2,594,000 servicemen ultimately served "in country." 3,403,100 US servicemen served through South East Asia during the Vietnam War.

What are similarities between George W. Bush and George Washington?

A few similarities of George W. Bush and George Washington are:both have the first name of Georgeboth served as US Presidentsboth were presidents during a war (and a war that each partly initiated)both were respected and disrespected during their time in officeboth were loved / revered as well as hated / despised during their political careers

What is the difference between a Vietnam Veteran to a World War 2 Veteran?

Vietnam war veterans are members of the military (of any country) who have served during the Vietnam war (1959-1975) -- while World War 2 veterans served during WWII (1939-1945). I have several family members who have served in both wars. You can learn about some of the symbols/conflicts/awards during both wars at SoldierCity. They have a large assortment of medals, patches, and flags for both wars. In fact, I just went to to get a Vietnam flag for my grandfather (a Vietnam War veteran), and some World War 2 clothing w/Navy ships for his dad (one of our highly honored WWII veterans, who's alive and well to this day!)

Who was the only president that had a father that was also president?

There were two Presidents whose fathers were also Presidents. They were John Quincy Adams and George W. Bush, the sons of John Adams and George H.W. Bush respectively. Also, both these Presidents never served as Vice Presidents, but their fathers served so.

How are Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy the same?

Both were presidents that were assassinated.

Was South Korea and Australia allies with the US during the Vietnam War?

Yes. In fact both countries had combat troops helping South Vietnam during the Vietnam war.

Was their conscription in south Vietnam?

YES. During the Vietnam War, both the North and the South drafted their men.

What is south Vietnam's perspective in the Vietnam war?

South's perspective is to establish an independent Vietnam free from communism. That is what both Ngo Dinh Diem and Nguyen Van Thieu envisioned when they were both presidents. Both men used the rhetoric of democracy and capitalism in order to justify their goals in eliminating communism in Vietnam.

What did John Quincy Adams and John Adams do before they were presidents?

The Adams family were lawyers before and after they became presidents. Both also served as ambassadors and in other governmental posts.

Is Vietnam colonized or invaded?

Vietnam has been both colonized (as part of French Indochina) and invaded, by the United States during the Vietnam War.

Did any soldiers win both the bronze and silver star during Vietnam and return home unwonded?

I work with a fellow police officer who cliams to have won both the bronz star and silver star during Vietnam yet was never wonded. He further claims to served 3 tours of duty in country with the U.S. Army. I find it hard to belive an individual won both awards. Does anyone know of this happening?

How many presidents served in the navy?

Six future presidents served in the navy - George H. W. Bush, Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter. Both Roosevelts served as assistant-secretaries of the Navy. Bush was a navy pilot since there was no separate air force department in those days.

Who supply armament to north Vietnam during the war?

Both the Soviet Union and China supplied armaments to North Vietnam.

Similarities between Lincoln and Davis?

Lincoln and Davis were both born about the same time; both came from Kentucky; both presidents were over six feet tall; their vice presidents were under six feet tall; they both served on opposite sides of the civil war; and they also both basically alike.

When was the last time America almost had a revolt or revolution I remember someone saying it was during the Vietnam war but I'm not sure?

The "turbulent" 60s. Remember the Beatles song: "Ya say ya wanna have a Revolution..." History has chosen both the 19th & 20th "60s" to be Americas worst times. 1. Two presidents shot in both 60s (Lincoln & Kennedy) 2. A divided nation in both 60s (Civil War & Vietnam) 3. Civil Rights movements in both 60s (Emancipation Proclamation (Civil War) & Martin Luther King (Vietnam War). 4. Draft riots in both 60s (Civil War & Vietnam) 5. And by a strange coincidence both assassinated presidents were replaced by a vice president named JOHNSON.

How many presidents served as both vice presidents and senators?

I count six : Martin Van Buren, John Tyler, Andrew Johnson, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon .

Who was the president that served under John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson?

Both men in your question were presidents, so no president served "under them". Please rewrite your question to state what you want to know.

Who were the baby killers of Vietnam?

This was a disparaging term applied to US soldiers because of incidents of both accidental and deliberate killings of children and infants (by both sides) during the Vietnam War. The term was used by the most vociferous opponents of the war, and was an undeserved epithet for the majority of the US military who served in a difficult conflict, often with ambiguous directions from their superiors.

Why was the Vietnam war different from any other American war?

Actually it was very much like a war fought nearly 100 years earlier; the US Civil War. Both the Civil War and Vietnam had US presidents assassinated; both had vice presidents named Johnson take over the office after the assassinations. Both wars had a draft and draft riots and draft dodgers. Both wars were UNDECLARED, and in both wars; the south lost. Both wars began in '61.

Were US troops during the Vietnam War issued duffle bags or backpacks or both?

yes issued both

What do James Madison and John F. Kennedy have in common?

both served as presidents of the United Statesboth were married to wives who were famous for their charm.both were college-educatedboth were from well-to-do familiesboth were of the male sex

What is the difference between Cambodia and Laos during the war in Vietnam?

They were both separate neutral nations during the war.

What is the same about Abraham Lincoln and James K. Polk?

they are both male presidents that served in the US and both made extrememly good choices for their country at their time of ruling.

Which country endured a war during the 1960s?

VietnamVietnam and the United States both endured a war in the 1960's. This war was called the Vietnam War and it is one of the most known wars.

What presidents served one term by choice?

James K. Polk and Rutherford B. Hayes both declined to run for a second term.

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